Importance Of Cloud Computing For Businesses

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Gone are the days when an IT department of an industry relies entirely upon the personal setup of software, hardware, business SAPs, etc. Today, the time has evolved to a newer face of the data processing machines called ‘Cloud Computing’. Owing to so many benefits of cloud computing for business, it has become quite a hot topic in present growing IT sector.

We are sure, most of you must have heard of the term Cloud storage, but what about cloud computing and particularly in business? Indeed this sounds pretty foreign to those who have not studied/worked in IT sector, hence, we have written this online article where you are going to know what exactly cloud computing is, don’t worry we have made it as simple as possible so that you won’t need to rack your brain.

What is Cloud Computing?

We can simply define Cloud Computing by going by its name ‘computing with the help of clouds’. With the advent of cloud computing, the services such as storage, database, applications, software, networking and much more things like these can be delivered through the medium of internet. The people who are delivering these services are called cloud providers; we need to pay a small amount of money for rent to them for these services. Let’s understand cloud computing with an example.

In traditional offices, most of us used our high-tech computer hardware to work with a number of purchased software. In contrast to this, today, with the help of cloud computing we can rent computer hardware as well as software, which belong to any cloud provider, only through the internet. In short, all you need is a high-speed internet and that’s all.

Of course, these clouds have no relation with the clouds that cause rain; cloud represents a server or an encrypted setup from where all these services are being delivered to your computer. It is a duty of a cloud provider to give you seamless services without any breakdown. Some of these well-known providers are Microsoft Cloud Services, IBM cloud, Verizon Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon web services, etc.

Why Cloud Computing?

Interestingly, with the advancement of cloud computing, we can not only save or share data over the cloud but also rent the up-to-date expansive high-tech software for just a little amount. The way, by which cloud computing cuts down many unnecessary payouts of your company, is the reason behind the popularity of cloud computing these days. In fact, we have discussed the detailed benefits of cloud computing for business below.

If you have any doubt regarding the credibility of these cloud providers or whether you are wondering, is this system really secure enough for pursuing our precious business, no worry, today the cloud computing has become much more secure than that of your personal computing system.

How can we use Cloud Computing?

There are indeed too many uses to count when it comes to cloud computing. If I say, you have already been using cloud computing system for many years without realizing this fact, you won’t believe me, but here are a few things you can do on cloud computing, which will prove this fact:

• Mail: In fact platforms such as Gmail are cloud computing machinery where you don’t need any memory storage to save your attachments, you don’t need any software to receive and send an E-mail, you don’t need any software up gradation, etc.

• YouTube: The video that you enjoy on your smartphone is a magic of cloud computing. We can upload as many videos as we want and fetch it anytime.

• Photo storage cloud: many platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. use the same technology to ensure you of safe storage of your personal files.

• Software over the air: Purchasing software discs from a brick and mortar shop is a thing of past. Today we can download most of the software over the air using the official website of a company.

Benefits of cloud computing for business

There are numerous of them. Unquestionably, in the today’s world, these benefits are accountable for the steep growth of IT sector. Some of the most noted benefits of cloud computing for business are:

Flexibility to choose a service: 

Consider, you are using a traditional method of computing in your office, now if your company recruits some more employees then you need to do all the hardware as well as software setup for all those employees again which will inevitably increase your expenses. Similarly, if you lay off your some employees when the demand of service is low, the unused computing machinery will remain at your office as nothing but an obsolete antique piece of decoration.

However, the people who prefer cloud computing are always superior. Cloud computing provides the flexible way of choosing services that you actually need. With all these flexibilities, you can change your services anytime you want. In other words, it is a kind of paying as per you use scheme.

Minimize your expenses: 

 Cloud computing indeed cuts down on your costs to a considerable extent. Unlike conventional ways, here you don’t need to purchase costly hardware and software; you don’t need IT expert to run all these setups, at the same time you don’t need a space to keep all the machinery, you don’t need to purchase or update your software/hardware, and most importantly you will be free of updating the license of your software too, and all these duties will be done by cloud providers alone.

Data security: 

As we said above, cloud computing storage is the far safer place to do your business as compared to your private computing. There can be many unfortunate incidents such as hardware failure, natural hazard, fire in your storage, etc. which will lead to the complete loss of data which are just irreversible. However, with cloud computing, one can be sure of the security of all the important data as their maintenance is incomparable to ours. In addition to this, they usually keep more than one copies of your data in case of any mishap occur.

Better performance: 

Usually, the cloud providers remain up to date in terms of software as well as hardware versions, so that you will get a seamless performance of services. It is like a big high-tech building that is shared by many offices, each one gets the space as per his/her requirement.

Deftness in business: 

There is nothing in this world that is superior to the term ‘Speed’ in the growth of your business. With cloud computing, you can get your resources within bat of an eye. The faster you are, the more competent you will be as compared to others. You can not only deliver your work before the stipulated time but also gain on a lucrative client.

Though there are a few disadvantages of cloud computing too, in our opinion, the advantages outstrip the disadvantages. Cloud computing is indeed worthy of counting on. You may consider cloud computing as an ace in the hole.

We hope, we were able to clarify your doubts regarding the cloud computing and you have learned something that can be significant in enhancing your business.

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