InmotionHosting is Named as Best Business Hosting 2014

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Professional review website made an announcement recently that web host InmotionHosting ( has been named as the best business hosting for delivering customers business class hosting services at cheap prices. indicated that there are hundreds of web hosts in the market, but not all of them can offer premium business hosting service. And InmotionHosting received this award after reviewing.

InmotionHosting is a reputable web hosting company providing a wide range of products for both personals and businesses. As a leader, it is also famous for award winning supports and 100% customer satisfaction.

InmotionHosting hosting solution is business class, and it contains tons of valuable features to help build successful websites easily.

As its customers, people can get unlimited disk space and monthly transfer, MySQL database, free domain, no downtime website transfer, premium website builder, free advertising credits, easy cPanel control panel and more others.

More importantly, InmotionHosting business hosting service comes with super-fast performance of speed, high security level and at least 99.9% uptime guarantees.

InmotionHosting manages two datacenters in Los Angeles and Washington DC, and both of them are Category A, PCI compliant with several controlled access points. Along with 100% Dell servers and exclusive Max Speed Zones, customers’ websites can run up to 6x faster.

The price of its business hosting solution usually charges at $6.99/mo. To make it more accessible, InmotionHosting promotes the service with 30% off, making its price only starts from $4.89/mo.

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InmotionHosting offers 24/7 US based customer support service, and its technicians are skillful and friendly that are able to be contacted via free phone call, live chat and email. If customers are still not satisfied with service, they could request a full refund within the first 90 days.

No matter for personals or businesses, InmotionHosting allows convenient hosting upgrade when their websites grow and traffic increase.

If people are going to create new websites online or transfer their current websites to another, InmotionHosting best business hosting solution is a great option.

To know more about what said, please visit, or you can check out Inmotion Hosting Review.

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