Interview with Arvixe Marketing Director Florian Mettetal

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About Florian Mettetal

Florian-MettetalMy name is Florian Mettetal and I am the Director of Marketing and Sales at Arvixe. I would say that I am a people pleaser at heart and love to develop ideas to the point that they benefit my community, by working at Arvixe I have the opportunity to improve a worldwide industry. On a usual day, I expand on our partnership efforts, further our market penetration, and oversee the Sales department. I believe that Arvixe has the best team of individuals behind every one of the departments and that there is no doubt we'll go very far.

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Can you give us an introduction on your company history?

Arvixe first started in 2003 when Arvand (the owner)had a great deal on a Dedicated Server and recognized that the webhosting industry was only beginning to start its explosive growth. He didn't have a plan when he setup the first server, he asked his customers what they wanted for their hosting environment and figured out how to give it to them; this personal approach still exists today and I believe that as long as Arvixe continues to treat our customers like human beings not a number we will continue to succeed. Arvand quickly filled his first dedicated server and quickly needed a second and a third, and now 8-years later, Arvixe is one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Can you shortly introduce your products, and their target markets?

Arvixe offers Personal Class, Business Class, Reseller Class, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers with the customer's choice of a Linux or Windows server. The Personal Class accounts are great for individuals or companies that are just starting out. The Business Class servers give customers the confidence that their moderate traffic websites will suffer from no downtime. Finally, we offer fully managed private servers (VPS & Dedicated) for clients that want dedicated resources and have administrative control over their hosting environment.

What makes Arvixe different to other hosting companies?

We are a support centered company. Therefore, all of our processes revolve around insuring that we are providing the best possible support to our customers in our industry. At the same time, we like to make sure that customers feel that are not limited by their hosting environment. Therefore, we've gained the reputation of providing the technology and resources and applications that many of our competitors simply do not.

Why should somebody choose Arvixe over another host?

We have proven, even through very heavy amounts of growth, to continually provide excellent level of services to our customers. We also attempt our best to be that one stop shop for our customers. We don't forgo providing a service just because it may be more difficult to do so. We want our customers to know that they can depend on us to provide them with the solutions they need whenever feasible. All of this at one of the lowest price points available on the web today, the value of our services is clear.

Can you talk something about your data center and servers?

We order servers from a few data centers, primarily Fortress ITX and SoftLayer. Doing this allows us to compete for low server costs and pass the savings on to our customers.

What Arvixe have done to achieve high customer satisfaction?

We are very transparent in every way possible. We provide forums, facebook, twitter, Knowledgebase Comments, Blog comments, etc. as a way to publicly identify what we are doing right and what we need to work on. We take that feedback very strongly and always work on making our services better.

We also pride ourselves on the ease with which our customers can reach our management; whether through live chat, phone, or email, issues that need further attendance are always quickly relayed to our management. Our customers further have the chance to completely bypass traditional methods of support and directly speak to senior/management staff by emailing qa .at. .

How do you see the web hosting market changing in the upcoming few years, and what Arvixe has prepared for this change?

I believe that the demand for hosting, shared, vps as well as dedicated will continue to grow. As "cloud hosting" infrastructures are built to support the enterprise applications, the consumers that drive the shared hosting industry are generally not the target for such solutions. At this point, the superior solution is still the simple shared hosting that many of our customers are utilizing.

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