Interview with GreenGeeks CEO Trey Gardner

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About Trey Gardner

treyI'm CEO and founder of GreenGeeks. I have been in web hosting industry for almost 13 years. And I started with company called iPowerWeb, and I worked for also Lunarpages, then I start building Greengeeks.

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Tell our reader a little about your background, what industry experience do you have before you start GreenGeeks?

I have been in web hosting industry for almost 13 years now. And I started with company called iPowerWeb, and I worked for also Lunarpages, then I start building Greengeeks.

What is the History of your company and what has led to your success in the hosting industry?

Well, when 13 years ago, I start doing marketing for web hosting company, I met a lot of places that help to showcase web hosting companies.

Before GreenGeeks, I found out that Internet industry is going to be as, we already, a big polluter because the energy we use. We will become as big as a polluter as Airline industry by 2020. And I decided that because I knew so many people in the industry that I was pushed to try make consumers more aware of the fact we are a big polluter as an industry as well as try make my competitors become more eco-friendly. So, we embrave green hosting, and could put a showcase with them and leave to consumer to understand why they should go green with a hosting and also push competitors to go green as well.

I chose the name GreenGeeks as I thought it was a good name to identify not just the fact we are eco-friendly, but also to show smart people we are a good hosting company. We have a lot of success in many areas for GreenGeeks: we got a great support, great service, and great uptime. People really embrave and like what we are as a company, the service we give to them as well, and the fact we are the most eco-friendly company on the Internet.

What are your target markets?

Well, the target markets are small- to mid- size business companies as well as personal web sites. And we also have launched reseller hosting, so we target at resellers those are looking for a company like us who can be a backend provider for them at a very reasonable rate so that they can go out and get the customers by their own and make money from recruiting those clients.

In last year, we launched VPS hosting for large clients and host large web sites.

What makes you different to other hosting companies?

We work very closely with several communities out there, including Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. And we work extremely closely with Drupal script and Drupal Community. We just sponsored their conference (Drupal Camp) in Chicago. And we are going to sponsor the conference in UK in August. We fantastic by the organization to make sure the servers have the most update to date configuration to run the scripts as well as making sure that we continue update all the time the scripts so that the customers have the most update to date features and security for the scripts.

Why should somebody choose your company over another host?

I believe we give a much more personalize service and great attention than some of the mega size web hosting companies which are out there today. There are a kinds of consolidate in the web hosting industry. Unlike some big web hosts who don’t particularly care which you choose, they just want the volumes, for us, obviously, we like stronger sales, but we also make sure that we can accommodate those new customers, accommodate that growth. Instead of getting the service from a larger group with at least 20 brands, we just one company look out for our customer, we take much more personalize approach to be able to provide them good service.

Can you talk something about your data center and technology?

The data center is in Chicago. We use RAID-10, Intel Quad Core processors, 100mpbs connection to the switches, 4GB connectivity to multiple Tier 1 Backbones. We have nightly backup, and we have proactive server monitoring, so we got a team that watch all our servers 24*7. If we see anything spike in a particular server, they look into it and find out a customer cause the spike, or there is something hardware related. And they head out for the potential problem before it becomes a big problem.

How do you see the web hosting market changing in the upcoming few years, what’s the plan of GreenGeeks?

Unfortunately, in the last couple years, I see a lot of consolidations in the marketplace, which really did not give as many choices to web hosting consumers. I feel we have advantage because we haven’t been gobbled by one of those larger hosting companies and we can provide better service to our customer.

I also see that there are scripts out there, particularly Joomla and Drupal, which allow customer to build very large web site. And for these large web sites, as they get more and more traffic and more and more usage, the shared hosting service would not be adequate for them. They will need to have a higher hosting service, namely VPS hosting, which is why we got that to marketplace to be able to be as container for those large web sites. We will find tons of different application be able to do the same thing on a Web site and the web site will be spike, those web site are going to be not good candidate for shared hosting because of IO usage, and RAM they used on the server, that they will need to go to higher and more professional type of hosting that can better accommodate larger web site. And I see the scripts are going to force customer to go to different hosting. And they are going to either force hosting company be able to better offer VPS hosting service - which is not easy to do for everyone. And the consumers might migrate to company, like mine, that can provide this type of service.

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