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iPage, Bluehost, and Justhost are all popular web hosting within webmasters and individuals. In below, we will compare these 3 companies from features, pricing, reliability, server performance and customer support to which one is the best for you.

Who they Are?

eig - ipage vs bluehost vs justhostFirst of all, you should know that all these 3 companies belong to the same company EIG, which means there are some common within them.

All of them guarantee "Anytime Money Back". People could request a full refund within the first 30 days, and then prorated refund after it. Besides, all these 3 companies are well-known for offering feature-rich hosting solutions to their customers.

In fact, Bluehost and Justhost use the same data center, the same type of web servers, and they also shared the same management team. In theory, there is no different between the service Bluehost and Justhost provide, the only difference is that Bluehost is a more popular brand than Justhost.

iPage vs BlueHost vs JustHost - Pricing

iPage is the cheapest starting at $1.99/month in their latest promotion. Meanwhile, BlueHost and JustHost hosting prices start at $3.95/mo and $2.25/mo respectively. Below is the price comparison chart between these companies, as you could see, iPage is much cheaper than both BlueHost and JustHost.

1 Year Plan 2 Years Plan 3 Years Plan

Hosting Features - iPage vs BlueHost vs JustHost

All Bluehost, JustHost and iPage shared web hosting is 'unlimited'. All of them offer free domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, MySQL, and more. However, Bluehost and Justhost offer relatively more features than iPage, for example, people could get Python, RoR, PostgreSQL from them, which cannot be found from iPage. Besides, cPanel from Bluehost and Justhost is a better control panel than vDesk.

Please find the features difference within them from below table:

Features iPage Bluehost JustHost
Domain Hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain
Control Panel vDesk cPanel cPanel
Scripts PHP 5.2.x, CGI-BIN, Perl PHP 5.2.x, PHP 5.3.x, CGI-BIN, Perl, Python, RoR PHP 5.2.x, PHP 5.3.x, CGI-BIN, Perl, Python, RoR
Shell Access X
Free Ad Credit $100 Google AdWords $100 Google AdWords $100 Google AdWords
Database MySQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL MySQL, PostgreSQL

iPage vs BlueHost vs JustHost - Performance and Reliability

iPage has two data centers in Boston, MA. Across the two facilities, they have 800 Dell servers. Each data center offers round-the-clock security, N+1 AC and DC power and both have identical infrastructure.

BlueHost and Justhost use the same data centers in Orem, UT. These state-of-art data center stand for one of the best in the industry. Besides, they also utilize 32-core AMD Opterons, 32 GB of memory, and RAID-10 fast storage as their web servers, which turn out to be much faster than what their competitors offer.

According to our test, the server speed and uptime between Bluehost and Justhost are very close, and their data are also better than iPage.

iPage vs BlueHost vs JustHost - Customer Support

All these companies are similar for customers support and provide around the clock support (24/7) via Toll-Free Phone Call, E-mail, and live chat. Moreover, all web hosts have an online knowledge base and also a customer forum. Engineers from iPage, BlueHost and JustHost are all experienced and have experiences with helping customers. But in general, we feel Bluehost engineers are more efficient and skilled than Justhost and iPage.

How to Choose?

In general, all these 3 companies offer great products. Here are what we recommend.

In general, Justhost is highly recommended since its the web host who maintain a balance between quality and budget. But for businesses owner or high traffic web site owner, we would like to recommend Bluehost since their engineers are more skilled. For personal site or family site, budget might be a bigger concerns, and we would like to recommend iPage, it's really hard to find a web host who could offer better price-value service than iPage.

To know more about these 3 companies, please check out their customer reviews at Bluehost Review, Justhost Review, and iPage Review.

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