Is SSL Essential for E-Commerce Sites?

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Is SSL Essential for E-Commerce Sites?

Over the past few years, the numbers of E-commerce websites have increased manifold due to the emergence and growth of the Internet. Basically, the trend where consumers are opting for online shopping instead of traditional means is not shocking but yet surprising. Online shopping has become a craze as it is not only convenient but saves a lot of cash as online retailers provide extensive discounts and cash back offers to attract customers. Surely the deals and discounts are something that shoppers cannot resist.

However, this new trend has resulted in risking the security of online transactions through phishing attack, virus attacks, malware, and stealing the important data of customers. Because of such risks, many customers think twice and refrain from making the purchase or doing transactions online. They get scared and have the fear of having their sensitive information being compromised and abused.

What is SSL?

Most of the E-commerce agents and business feel that with the increase in the E-commerce websites, the security software used has to be quite strong and uptight. Not all security tools have the given standards to protect and prevent hackers from acquiring the sensitive information of customers. That is why SSL is being regarded as one of the best site administrators to protect and transfer the contents of a given website or webpage to visitors through a secured protocol (i.e. HTTPS vs. HTTP). The best example of websites which uses the SSL technology is the banking sites and E-commerce websites.

A secured socket layer (SSL) certificate is one of the standard measures used for protecting web communication. It protects the sensitive and important information of users all over the web and prevents any kind of potential threats and security attacks. The SSL certificate is quite compatible with all kinds of widely used web servers and it includes the popular ones like IIS and Apache.

Basically, the SSL is one of the technologies which decrypts and encrypts messages sent between the server and browser. Now by encrypting the messages when it is being sent online through the browser, the malware or the malicious virus finds it difficult to read and decode. So, when the given message reaches the designated server, the SSL would decrypt it and would verify whether it came from the correct sender.

Here the strength of the certificate depends on the given length of the key which is provided for encryption. Now there are two main kinds of encryption levels which are available – 256 bit and 128 bit. The higher the encryption level is the stronger and better the SSL certificate will be. Even though the 128-bit encryption may give a decent amount of security for the website, still if the website entails a lot of transactions on a regular basis, then you would need a good amount of security. In that case, you would need an SSL which provided a great amount of encryption and security too.

Why E-Commerce Websites Have to use SSL?

This is similar to the question on should an E-commerce website use SSL as its security? Is it worth? Such questions are common and may cause a slight doubt in the minds of the user. Websites handle all kinds of customer data and these important data are quite precious and could be harmful if they go into the wrong hands. Here the basic criteria depend on the kind of business and functions the website deals with. For example, various websites like the online store would collect the address, credit card number, phone number and names of the buyer. In such situations, the SSL is quite necessary.

Front-End Store and SSL

There are various websites which serve simply as a front-end store. In such websites, all the given transactions are managed by the third party payment processors using the SSL encryption. Sometimes in such situations the SSL may not be required. But webmasters would prefer to add the security software as a precaution. Now this is very much important if the website is collecting information of users like email address and names. Even though there are no financial transactions or transfers are happening.

Getting an E-Commerce Package

Now for those websites which are providing basic contact details and information, the SSL encryption is quite important. In case a user or website owner is planning on implementing the SSL encryption on the website, it is very much critical to check out for a web hosting provider who would provide some sort of good E-Commerce package. Now many of the plans would give an IP address for the SSL so that one can get the best and highest level of security.

Check Out For Specific Things In the Package

Now besides the basic and relevant E-Commerce plan that you choose, still you would need to buy an SSL certificate. This certificate is nothing but a digital item which is provided or might be a part of the E-Commerce web hosting package that website owners choose. In such cases, if the website owner has doubts or second thoughts, it would be good to ask about the items and features present in the E-Commerce packages before the website owner signs the contract.

Frankly, the SSL technology has become one of the most vital and best parts of the E-Commerce industry. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is not always required for most of the websites. Now those websites which would be affected by such technologies are the ones which collect the specific details like banking information, telephone number, contact information, email address, etc. As such information could compromise the vital data about any individual or online shopper, it is necessary to keep them safe and secure, specially protected by the SSL encryption.

So, in the wake of the growing threats and the need of online security, SSL certificate has become one of the major necessities for any E-Commerce business. If you have an E-Commerce business, then it is high time you secure it with SSL certificate.


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