Kaspersky Sues Trump Administration to Overturn Ban on Its Products

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On Monday, the Russian security service provider Kaspersky Lab declared that it did not receive any due process and Trump administration announced September ban relied on those uncertain rumors only. Meanwhile, Kaspersky announced that it has filed an appeal in the US Federal Court with the purpose of overturning the ban that was implemented by the Department of Homeland Security (aka DHS). 

DHS claimed that it issued a directive to each deferral agency to find as well as stop using Kaspersky software during 90 days, because it though Kaspersky is related to Russian government. 

However, Kaspersky responded in an open letter, saying that it never receives such a due process, and the directive from DHS has severely impacted on its reputation as well as commercial interests, just depending on some uncertain rumors. The company also said that it has written to DHS in middle of July to deal with all the concerns that the federal agency had. 

DHS confirmed Kaspersky’s effort in communication, but the agency just didn’t follow up. According to Kaspersky, DHS did not positively communicate with Kaspersky or send any other notice about the following arrangement.

When DHS issued its ban on Kaspersky’s software products, it said that Kaspersky’s software leaded to information security risks on federal info systems; it also had elevated privileges and a wide range of access to encrypted files, so that malicious users or software could exploited to compromise its information systems. 

In terms of the point DHS mentioned above, Kaspersky said that the capabilities of its software are not unmatched, and the company believes that DHS exaggerated its risks on information security systems.

Kaspersky also mentioned that there was less than $54,000 value of software from Kaspersky sold to the US government, and the revenues in the U.S. was only 0.03 percentage of Kaspersky’s American subsidiary company. 

Stopping from using Kaspersky software should have minor direct impact on its revenues, but the action DHS took brought long-term adverse influence on the company’s commercial, consumer, and local, state as well as education business interests in the US and other international markets. 

In short, their focus is about whether Kaspersky Lab’s products are concerned with the Kremlin and bring great risks at the U.S. federal information systems. 

For this, Kaspersky ever put forward that it is willing to submit the original code and future update software to an independent third party to examine. The agency was happy about it, but did not pay much attention to it, because the agency thought it was not enough. 

Considering the attitude of the U.S. government and DHS, we think it will be hard to overturn the ban for Kaspersky, but the company can be bold to try in a legal way and process. Also, the fight between Kaspersky and Trump administration is at the web information system security and the some political issues. With the web hosting industry prosperity and Internet’s rapid growth, cyber security will be a big challenge and an opportunity as well.

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