Knowing the Trust Levels in ASP.NET Hosting

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Trust levels let you define security rules. They define what types of operations an application can perform, such as reading from a disk or accessing the registry. Each trust levels affect the right of users to run and administrate websites applications.

Several top ASP.NET companies that offer full trust levels are; Arvixe, DiscountASP.NET and Winhost and below we talk about the different types of trust levels.

The following list describes each trust levels:

Full Trust Level

Full trust levels means the web hosts gives an unrestricted permission to users to access any resources that are subject to operating system security. Applications that run at Full trust level can execute arbitrary native code in the process context in which they run.

Note: Full trust mode is not recommended in a shared environment except when every site uses its own application pool identity.

High Trust Level

High Trust Level refers to high level of code access security. This mode is often appropriate for trusted applications that you want to run with fewer user rights in order to mitigate risks i.e. Write to the event log, Call Unmanaged Code (Win32 APIs), Access ODBC, OleDb, or Oracle data sources etc.

Medium Trust Level

Medium trust levels are based on high trust level but pose great limitations on the web applications directory, Code DOM, system registry and more. Medium trust is the recommended setting for a shared server, because it allows connections to SQL Server databases and restricts most other user rights to the application root structure.

Low Trust Level

On the basis of Low Trust Level you effectively lock applications down to their application directory and remove all access to system resources. For instance, Code in Low trust applications can read its own application resources but cannot make any out-of-process calls i.e. calls to the network or databases and so on.

Minimal Trust Level

Minimal Trust level applications can execute but cannot interact with any protected resources. This level is minimal level of code access security and users have no permission rights.

Full Trust Level Web Hosts Recommended

A good full trust ASP.NET Hosting should offer the best server environment to give users unrestricted permissions to do anything from execute code, Windows Event Log, and read and write to files outside of the application’s virtual directory etc.

We recommend checking out Arvixe at as ideal options to run websites with full trust web hosting.

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