Learning From Chinese Company? Google Introduces New Feed for Its App

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The world’s search engine giant Google officially rolled out new personalized Feed in the Google app last week. Making use of machine learning, the new Feed creates customized collections of news stories based both on your interactions with Google and the tendency in the area you're searching for. The technology is regarded as a fundamental shift in content consumption from model based on your explicit choices to model based on your search history and preferences.

Google initially introduced a limited version of the Feed for Android users in December, while the updated Feed version comes with some new features and is expanded to iOS apps. Previously reserved for Google Now that featured a two-tab structure to display topics in one tab and display personal info and updates in a second tab, the space below the search bar now becomes richer and more controllable.

With the introduction of the new Feed, the Google Now is being retired. All the updates Google Now used to include are moving to a secondary tab—updates. A stream of cards related to your interests will appear in the space underneath the search bar.

One of the main reasons why Google launches the newly updated Feed is, according to many insiders, to compete with Facebook’s News Feed. Based on both your connections and activity on the social media platform, Facebook pushes tailored news information to retain users. In other words, the stories your friends share with you as well as which of those you click on will finally determine the feed you receive.

Interestingly, a group of people believe that Google’s new Feed has copied from a Chinese search engine company—Baidu Inc., who announced the launch of Feed function earlier in last year. From this perspective, Google is by no means unique to learn from Chinese internet companies.

As is widely-known that sharing economy is taking off in China, amongst which bike-sharing industry landed the first unicorn. The rapid rise of homegrown ride-sharing startups like Ofo and Mobike gives a model for US companies to learn from. Spin and LimeBike are reportedly becoming the first two bike share companies to get start on the streets of Silicon Valley and Seattle this summer.

Apart from the above, Facebook Messenger is also accused of copying from Tencent’s WeChat public accounts. In gaming area, a lot of US companies are inspired by Chinese companies’ free gaming with paid props model. It can be easy to find that Angry Birds, Zombies and Clash Royale are all observing the idea.

With the growing number of western companies learning from their Chinese competitors, they, in some degree, are admitting the development of Chinese internet in all-round way.  

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