Lenovo Converged Cloud to Accelerate BNR Enterprises Cloudization

From CPEC to China-Laos Economic Corridor and Sino-Burmese Economic Corridor, from Gwadar Port construction to Yamal project success, the construction of One Belt and One Road (BNR) has been gradually made substantial progress from, which grew from nothing to one, from point to surface. Across Eurasia continents, connecting to Asian-Pacific economic circle in the easy, and involving into European economic circle in the west, BNR now is forming the linkage of land and sea, and the pattern of opening to the outside world, allowing the east and west to help each other.  

More and more Chinese enterprises catch the opportunities to go outside of China, start to set up offices or project teams overseas, and create their own foreign and domestic distribution channels as well as develop agencies. Facing complicate international network environment, traditional IT solutions in terms of data secure storage, transnational transfer, and communication and cooperation, those traditional IT solutions cannot meet BNR enterprises’ needs. 

Traditional IT Solutions Impedes Development of Multinational Business

  • Traditional Solutions One: Mail Servers Are Placed in Hong Kong

Although the method can jump over China Firewall and relatively increase exit bandwidth, one single data center can hardly make sure the transmission speed around the world. Once the distance of transnational transmission is too long, it could lead to data packet dropout, error, end some other issues. One data packet dropout or error is very likely to cause the latency of the whole program. 

  • Traditional Solution Two: Purchase Dedicated Circuit

If there is only one branch office or one program abroad, then to purchase a dedicated circuit can ensure the transfer speed, which is better for the company. However, for many enterprises going out of China, their branch offices and programs are scattered in different countries. If they choose the traditional solution two to purchase a dedicated circuit for each program in a country, the costs will be unaffordable. 

In addition, the frequency of utilization of each dedicated circuit is very low, so these dedicated circuits will be leave unused, which is a huge waste of resources. 

It is evident that traditional IT solutions impede transnational business development. To address the real problem, Lenovo officially launched new cloud storage product named Converged Cloud, to help enterprises with BNR opportunity develop faster and better.

What can Lenovo Converged Cloud Bring to BNR Enterprises?

In general, for the enterprises using Lenovo Converged Cloud, they will benefit from: fast data transfer speed at home and abroad, global Internet speedup and efficiency guarantee, asset-lite and scalability on demand, as well as flexible storage methods, lower costs, safety and compliance.

Faster Global Internet Speedup

Using one single data center to locate servers can lead to packet dropout, error, and very slow transmission. For these problems, Lenovo Converged Cloud is utilizing multiple data centers around the world to enable faster global internet speedup. Also, by using Cloud WAN technology, Lenovo Converged Cloud enables global interconnection. 

In detail, there are totally 25 data centers cross 5 continents that Lenovo are using for its Converged Cloud. It helps Lenovo Converged Cloud realize minute-class worldwide synchronization technology, up 30% increase in delta second uploading, which ensures enterprises’ data transmission speed in any country is accelerated several times. Ensuring BNR enterprise data transmission speed and efficiency can not only control over those abroad programs but also maintain data operation at home, so as to enable smooth cooperation between home companies and abroad offices.

Scalability on Demand to Lighten the Weight of Assets

Using limited assets to obtain the largest profits is the highest level that all enterprises pursue. In the time of economy developing fast, to lighten weight is one only a choice but also an inevitable trend. Lenovo Converged Cloud allows scale up or down according to enterprises’ demands, and users do not need to purchase server either. Converged Cloud can slowly increase available capacity to save resources and costs. It also allows easy working on the cloud for BNR enterprises.

Optimized Storage is Flexible and Compliant

Lenovo Converged Cloud can take advantage of company’s original datacenter to use part of the company’s storage resources for unified management. The important data related to technology research and development as well as financial information can be stored in the company’s internal computer room, and the market information that need to be frequently exported and those personal files can be save in the cloud. 

Confidential data is saved inside of the company and the files used to communicate with the outside are saved in the cloud. This kind of storage method can not only save a great number of files but also accelerate access speed. For the company, it cannot only save resources, ensure safety, but also save a lot of costs. For the enterprises have strict compliance policy in terms of data storage, there is no doubt that Converged Cloud is their top choice.

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