LiquidWeb Brings Innovation Back to Managed WordPress Hosting

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LiquidWeb is not done with its managed WordPress hosting, but come back to customers with new tools to help them visualize their site changes. A new visual comparison tool as well as automatic SSL is now included in LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting plans, addressing customers’ demands and pain points very well.

According a survey of LiquidWeb, there is a strong demand on managed WordPress web hosting solutions, among digital agencies, developers and designers, with 78% of building sites on WordPress platform. Besides, there are top 3 criteria that customers take into consideration when looking for a right managed WordPress hosting – namely simple installation, performance guarantees, as well as automatic backups. It is the three key criteria that lead some of the latest WordPress service innovations and updates at LiquidWeb. 

Chris Lema, LiquidWeb’s vice president of products and innovations also said that apart from the strong demand, there are some innovations appearing in managed WordPress hosting plans during the last years. For LiquidWeb, as only as customers trust the company and host their WordPress websites on it, the company has the duty to offer its WordPress customers the most value managed WordPress solutions as well. Now, the company really brings innovations back to managed WordPress hosting.

New Visual Comparison Tool

This is the new innovation that LiquidWeb rolls out. The new visual comparison tool can offer users more control of plug-in installations. Once there is a new plug-in ready, this new tool will automatically take snapshots of users’ websites before as well as after the installation, so as to see whether the plug-in changes how their websites look.

If no visual change happens, then the ready plug-in will automatically install on users’ WordPress sites. However, if any difference occurs, then the plug-in update will be rolled back, while users will receive an email to remain them to review the differences. In addition, there is an option available for users to manually install the update.

This visual comparison tool not only ensures that LiquidWeb offers users the latest code and update their sites, but also gives users the chance to learn if the update will alter their site look and the option to install it or not. The feature makes LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting more flexible and user-friendly.

Some other new features include in LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting: 

Automatic SSL – It encrypts users’ data passed between LiquidWeb web hosting and browsers. Although SSL is not new to hosting features, it is now free of charge and becomes a standard feature on LiquidWeb managed WordPress websites.

Varnish for website performance – it accelerates the website performance with faster page loading time. 

PHP 7 checker – The tool will scan users’ sites for any potential PHP conflicts. When it finds out that a theme or a plugin cannot be compatible with PHP 7, the features will offer an option to upgrade or give users the ticket option. If there is no conflict founded, then the website will allow the update instantly. 

Stencils feature – The feature can help users quickly build up another site based on the snapshot. 

Tagging & filtering – With the feature, users can be easier to manage different website in their management interface. With “tagging” feature, users can group their site with “e-commerce”, “business”, and “friends”. 

About LiquidWeb

Founded in 1997, LiquidWeb now has developed in the industry for near 20 years. With rich web hosting provisioning experience, LiquidWeb can deliver managed WordPress hosting, cloud sites, blazing fast VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud dedicated hosting. To offer the best possible support and hosting performance, the company has private data centers and a more than 400 on-site employees of Heroic Support team. By far, it has served 30,000 customers around the world.

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