Looking to Build a WordPress Site with Multiple Themes? Here’s How

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One major advantage of WordPress is a vast array of themes for you to pick up. Whether you are to build a family blog, a portfolio site, a site for your coffee shop, etc. you can find great ones there. WordPress also enables you to change themes anytime you want. Better of these all, you can even customize your selected theme, which will further differentiate your site or blog from others. 

However, WordPress does not support multiple themes installed on one WordPress site currently. We know that some of you have such demands like:

  • A theme on landing page and another theme on other pages;
  • Running personal blog and business site on one site, which require different themes to separate the 2 parts;
  • Multiple themes to create a colorful blog;

If you have such demands, you are in right place. Though WordPress does not have a built-in function for multiple themes on one WordPress installation, we check out that plugins come to resolve the problem. One of great plugin is Multiple Themes, formerly called jonradio Multiple Themes, which could be downloaded from https://wordpress.org/plugins/jonradio-multiple-themes/.

In below, we take you through how to create a multiple-theme WordPress site with the plugin Multiple Themes.


First of all, back up your WordPress site in case you make wrong operations.

Next, turn off cache plugins installed in your WordPress site since they could display an older version of your website even if you change themes via Multiple Themes.

You need also install themes that you are going to use on your WordPress site in advance. WordPress just allows you to activate one theme one time, but you can install more than one theme on your WordPress.

Finally, ensure you have downloaded Multiple Themes and installed in your WordPress. Instead of the above link for downloading, you can just install Multiple Themes in your WordPress dashboard:

Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins with keywords “Multiple Themes”

You will see the screen as following Figure-1 and click Install Now.


Get Started with Multiple Themes

Supposing you completed above preparations, you could step into the following steps to build a multiple-theme WordPress site via the plugin.

By navigating to Appearance > Multiple Themes plugin, you will see the detailed information of the plugin, which tells you how to use the plugin.


From figure-2, we could see that Multiple Themes offers 3 major ways to help you define which part of your site need a different theme.  

The first way just targets Site Home. You only need to select a different theme for your home page in the dropdown menu.


The second way allows you to define any pages you want to use a different theme. You need to provide a URL, a URL Prefix or a URL prefix with Asterisk. Then pick up a theme for the URL and any page matching the URL will display with the theme you selected.


The third way is to define pages, posts, or other non-admin pages via a query keyword. Specify a theme and enter a keyword. Then, any pages in your WordPress site consisting of the keyword will display with the theme in this setting.


In addition, Multiple Themes supports Theme for Everything for All Pages and All Posts in advanced settings of the plugin.

It is simple, right? Especially if you just want to specify home page with another theme, Multiple Themes has a simple way for that.

Now, you can test whether your changes have come into effect or not by visiting your WordPress site in any browser. If it does not work, check out whether you turn off your cache plugins. Or you can post any problems on the support page of Multiple Themes on wordpress.org.

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Here we would like to provide you with 2 tips on themes when you use Multiple Themes.

Firstly, Multiple Themes cannot set up a different theme on WordPress Admin panels, since the plugin still uses the theme in the WordPress Theme Directory where does not have any theme for WordPress Admin panels.

Another point you should know is the paid theme. Although Multiple Themes version 5.0 should be compatible with all themes and plugins, a few paid themes give support to Multiple Themes. Moreover, it could be harder to diagnose problems if you use paid themes with Multiple Themes. 

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