Microsoft Azure Stack with Azure Hybrid Cloud Solution is Now Available

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 Microsoft has announced yesterday that customers can now buy its Azure Stack that will bring them with Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud service to the on-premises data centers.

In fact, the company has been running this service in preview for a period. After relatively long-term waiting, Microsoft Azure Stack is finally available for purchase, which is exciting news in the industry.

For Microsoft Azure Stack, it is a cloud platform of Microsoft, to provide those on-premises data center with its specifically designed hybrid cloud services. Microsoft has ever pledged to push out this cloud platform in the market by the middle of 2017. 

In 2017, March, Microsoft has made its Azure Stack reach the third technical preview. Over this third preview timeframe, the company claims that there are users showing their huge interest in applying this on-premises solution. During Microsoft Inspire event this week, Microsoft is going to reach more partners for Azure Stack.

Besides the availability of Azure Stack, Microsoft also rolled out many relative services to its customers at this announcement. There are:

  • Azure Stack integrated systems

Microsoft has already delivered software to its hardware partners, which allows the company to start the certification process for its partner’s integrated systems. The first Azure Stack integrated system will be ready to ship in September. For customers, they can order the integrated system from yesterday, and Microsoft has contacted Dell EMC, Lenovo, and HPE, so customers can order from these partners. 

  • The pricing and availability of Azure Stack software

Microsoft has published the pricing of the Azure Stack software, and it includes the pay-as-you-go as well as the capacity-based models. So, customers can make appropriate plan for their purchase according to the information. 

  • The availability of Development Kit -- ASDK

The ASDK is a single-server deployment solution mainly for the purposes of trail. This development kit is now available as well. Developers can freely download from the web free of charge. ADSK allows customers to create and validate their application for the deployments of their integrated systems. 

Along with Microsoft Azure Stack solution, companies and other organizations are able to enhance the way that they manage their IT infrastructure by utilizing numerous features from Azure. Just like Microsoft full cloud offering, the Stack can give users a self-service portal which enables to run on those private servers.

Build Azure for Hybrid Cloud

Whereas customers increasingly ask for a hybrid cloud solution, the company has been pushing Azure Stack through preview.

Microsoft said that Azure Stack would deliver the continuous innovation along with many updates behind its initial release. And, all these updates could help the company deliver feature-rich hybrid application usages, and increase Azure Stack’s infrastructure footprint. 

According to Microsoft, this platform can deliver the consistent experience with Azure cloud service, which allows the Azure Stack removing those inconsistencies that are often founded in the hybrid cloud solutions. In the beginning, Azure Stack will be available with the core set of Azure Marketplace, DevOps tooling, and Azure services.

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