Microsoft Backs Kubernetes with Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Things happened again. With time going by, trends are always changing, and now open source is not a cancer anymore. Evidently, Microsoft, this tech giant learns it well, and it recently joined another open source platform, Cloud Native Membership.

On last Wednesday, Microsoft announced that it has joined Cloud Native Computing Foundation to a top-tier platinum member. This foundation is the Linux Foundation’s project, and Microsoft is a platinum member of Linux Foundation as well. Besides, to a platinum member of CNCF, Microsoft need pay $370,000/year. 

Microsoft’s partner director Corey Sanders said that Microsoft has involved in multiple cloud native projects, such as Kubernetes, gRPC, Helm, and containerd, and also plans to expand its involvement in the future. Joining the CNCF is just another step made naturally, on its open source road. Meanwhile, Microsoft hopes to deepen the membership with the CNCF. 

The CNCF now is hosting more than 10 projects, such as gRPC and containerd, but Kubernetes is the real crown of the foundation. To manage containers, Kubernetes has become one of those essential elements. Actually, within this membership, what Microsoft most wants to buy should be to have the input into Kubernetes’ development’s direction. 

Microsoft treats Kubernetes as an important part of Azure Container Service and Azure both. Therefore, in May, Microsoft introduced Draft which is an Azure tool streamlining application development as well as deployment into any Kubernetes clusters. On the same Wednesday, Microsoft also announced that its Azure Container Instances, allowing setting up the containers without dealing with the container orchestration or needing to managed any virtual machines. However, if the container orchestration is needed, it has an open source Kubernetes connector for Azure Container Instances.  

The wide usage of Azure in enterprises is the reason that Kubernetes is so important. Like other cloud players, Azure is also trying best to attract more enterprise customers to its public cloud services, and now a number of those potential enterprise customers are deploying OpenStack open source solutions, as their private clouds’ backbone. OpenStack clouds are always using Kubernetes as part of the container deployment infrastruction, so to support it is very important to convince the enterprise customers to think about Azure for hybrid cloud solutions.

Well, the Kubernetes support offers Azure, GCP, IBM, and other cloud platforms an edge over AWS. Amazon’s cloud can run Kubernetes but it is not as easily as AWS’s Elastic Container Service (ECS). With ECS, enterprise may have some problems that it is not portable because it can only run on AWS. 

The CNCF is of course glad to partner Microsoft. 

According to Dan Kohn, executive director of the CNCF, the foundation is very pleased to have Microsoft, one of the most significant enterprise technology as well as cloud providers in the industry, be its one of platinum members. The membership between the CNCF and Microsoft as well as other cloud providers belonging to the CNCF, is very important to the cloud native technologies’ development. 

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