Microsoft Helps Google by Debuting Office Android Apps on Chromebooks

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Microsoft’s Office now finally arrives on Google Chromebooks from it Play Store, so that ChromeOS users can access Office apps now. What does the change bring to the both sides?

Microsoft and Google both have announced that Microsoft allows its Office suite available for ChromeOS users via Google Play Store. Actually, both companies are offering competing products about office productivity software, so this time the two come together, which is not very surprising but still arises curiosity among the industry – how does Microsoft help Google?

Over the last year, Google has been making a lot of efforts on making ChromeOS much more functional. To allow users to download Android apps on Chromebooks devices is one of the substantial changes. Now, Microsoft allows its popular office productivity product Office available on Android, which really makes Google’s life easier than ever before, 

AndroidCentral has officially introduced that Microsoft has pushed out the full Android Office suite for ChromeOS users. For the purpose, Microsoft is now offering one of the most popular, industry-leading productivity suites available on Google’s platform.

With the availability of full Android Office apps, Chromebooks completely becomes more versatile. Also, the collaboration also helps Microsoft enter education market. Without it on Chromebooks, although ChromeOS is possible to fall cause of the shortage of the functionality of Windows, it has achieved huge success in education market. 

The budget Chromebook hardware and the ease-of-use both helped ChromeOS to quickly occupied 58% K-12 students in the US in 2016. Its unique advantages make the platform dominant the education market and the trend is upward. 

Nevertheless, Chromebooks lacked Microsoft’s Office that is always the go-to productivity suite, regardless the transition of customers to ChromeOS. The availability of full Android Office suite on Chromebooks allows customers to access its popular services like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. This will make up both companies’ vacant services those educational customers’ demands. 

Besides, the move is possible to be the play of Microsoft, because we all understand that Android Office apps will be free to the users with certain devices only, and others will have to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 to get the apps; or if users want to enjoy all services of Office, they will need to have a Windows machine at first, so it is helpful to Microsoft as well. 

Microsoft Embraces Education

Since the launch of Win 10 S, Microsoft has been making efforts in the push in the education market. Win 10 S is a specially designed version of Windows for education.

Although Microsoft announced the Android Office apps on Chromebooks through Google Play Store, the right for users is different. ChromeOS users can access full Office apps from Microsoft Store, while Chromebooks are limited. 

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