Microsoft Finally Embraces Open Source Initiative as Love for Linux Grows

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Just yesterday, Microsoft announced that it has officially joined in Open Source Initiative as a premium sponsor and a Platinum member. 

Now, Microsoft starts to embrace the open source platform and is in love with Linux. This is really bombshell news for most of us, because people in the industry all know that Microsoft always regarded the Open Source Initiative as a sworn enemy over a decade. Anyway, the latest chapter of Microsoft & Linux love has been officially announced.

According to Microsoft, the company now has become one of premium sponsors of the Open Source Initiative. For this, Microsoft is participating in the open source battle where Google, IBM and Facebook are its major rivals. 

In General, this move of Microsoft shows that the company loves the pen source platform more, and the company really embraces this platform, even though it ever called it a cancer and warned that it has threatened development. 

Microsoft said at the announcement that to be a Platinum member of the Open Source Initiative and embrace Linux is that Microsoft is moving forward on the open-source journey. The announcement also represented that Microsoft starts to play more roles in contribution, release, and advocacy for the application of the open-source software, both with its customers as well as the ecosystem as large. 

To embrace the open source platform is inevitable for Microsoft, which is not only because of its direct competitors, but also for its cloud as well as Azure’s success. Microsoft should understand that already, because it chose to join in the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member last year. Well, Linux is just a member of the Open Source Initiative. 

About the power within the Open Source Initiative, Google beat Microsoft and has a seat on its board. Nevertheless, Microsoft is a board member of the Linux Foundation. To obtain more power in the open source platform, Microsoft has to accelerate its pace. 

Microsoft’s Steps on the Open Source Journey 

During the last year, the company has announced Ubuntu for Windows 10 in the Windows Store. Its Azure App Services, Skype, PowerShell, Office 2016 and more Microsoft’s services also include Linux treatment.

Although Microsoft has completely open sources many solutions, it doesn’t represent it is going to open source its Edge browser or Windows anytime soon. However, joining in the Open Source Initiative is a milestone. Its moves last year and this announcement both show that Microsoft is moving towards the open ecosystem environment. 

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