Microsoft Plans to Open Two Data Centers in Africa

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Cloud computing services will be offered in Africa by Microsoft Corp. The giant software company is gearing up to serve the locals of Africa. Microsoft disclosed their plans about opening two data centers in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This is a part of their expansion plan which includes expanding their business across the globe in about 40 regions. The African companies earlier had to depend on the European data center hubs of Microsoft from Netherlands and Ireland. 

Executive Vice President for cloud and enterprise Scott Guthrie said that Microsoft was thrilled by the increasing demand for cloud services in Africa and cloud’s ability to act as a facilitator for fresh economic prospects. There are handful countries in the world that are as diverse and energetic as Africa. There are plentiful opportunities for cloud such as to hasten improvement, aid people across this country who are looking forward to make over their businesses, look for more business opportunities and help them solve some the most difficult problems in the world. 

Once the data centers are more near to the customers, Microsoft will be able to enhance the speed of cloud service delivery while also adhere to the laws which state that specific data should be stored in the vicinity. This expansion project will give Microsoft an upper hand on its rival Inc. Besides Amazon, Google also gives access to its developers in eights and has plans to expand this number this year. Amazon is operating on 16 regions and 42 availability zones. However neither Google nor Amazon function in African regions but there are other companies who are supplying cloud services to companies there and are increasing their centers.

Guthrie also said that the cloud services from Africa would offshoot entrepreneurship and boost their business. In one of the statements Microsoft said that from 2018 the company would start selling their office 365 internet based apps and Azure computing power from South Africa. At present since there are no data centers in the area the customers of Microsoft and the developers have to connect to the European data centers which causes much delay in the transfer of data. 

One of the biggest customers of Microsoft’s cloud services in Africa is Standard Bank Group Ltd. The bank also happens to be Africa’s biggest lenders. The Information Officer of Standard Bank, Brenda Niehaus said that the bank considers Microsoft’s promise to capitalize in cloud services delivered from Africa of great value. 

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