Microsoft Publishes .NET Framework April Security Rollup

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On April 12, Microsoft published Security Only Update as well as Security and Quality Rollup for NET. Framework. Therefore, the Net Framework security changes in April can help Microsoft solve a problem that may have left user’s system vulnerable to hack! 

The rollup represents all the performance tweaks and security patches for the month of April. In following are the detailed changes. 

On the one hand Microsoft has coped with the common vulnerabilities and exposures CVE17-0160. To be specific, it says that there was a flow of remote code execution which can cause the NET. Framework cannot validate the input. The error occurs before libraries being loaded and also allows any attacker to take control over the system possibly. 

The flow also could give the way to the malicious software to get its way onto a system, or make the possibility for attackers to view or change the system data. That’s danger to user data security. Fortunately, if the perpetrator wants to attack user’s system, the attacker has to access to the local system at first. So, for users whose accounts have less rights to use the system, this vulnerability was less important, according to Microsoft. 

No matter how less important the vulnerability is, Microsoft now has patched it with the latest security update. Even better, Microsoft said that it handled the flaw by fixing how the NET. Framework validates input. 

New Security Only Update and Security and Quality Rollup for the NET. Framework have been released yesterday, and readers can read the notes to get more detailed information related to all the changes issued yesterday! 

As for the Quality and Reliability, Microsoft’s Rollup does mention anything but say that “there are no quality and reliability changes this month.”

Windows releases the Rollup in multiple sectors including Windows Server Update Services, Microsoft Update catalog, and Windows Update. So, .NET Framework users can go to these places to get it. 

Move .NET Framework to the Creators Update

Just last week, MS released. NET. Framework 4.7 that comes with a series of new features. And MS’ .NET Framework is available in the Creators Update, which means users need to upgrade to the latest build/ .NET Framework latest update also makes some improvements to the areas including ClickOnce, SQL, Windows Forms, CLR, Workflow, WCF, WPF, NET, Networking, and BCL.

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