Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 16257 Preview SDK

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Now, the preview SDK for Windows 10 16257 is available for download, rolled out with Eye Control tool which was newly launched. Also, the latest Mobile Emulator comes with the SDK.

Microsoft just launched Windows 10 Preview Build 16257 last week; its Fall Creators Update release also included new important features and moved through Insider Program. Currently, the company has rooled out the SDK Preview Build 16257 to the Insider. Besides, new Module Emulator Insider Preview has now been released. 

For Windows 10 16257 SDK, there is something interesting. To be specific, Microsoft normally launches a SDK when a new preview release is going to Slow Ring. However, this time, the launch just corresponds with the latest Fast Ring release. 

In a report we make last week, Eye Control is the most important functionality Windows 10 15257 has. Developed from the first hackathon Microsoft has, Eye Control enables users to navigate Windows via their gaze only. 

The other features of 16257 are all the improvements for Windows console as well as Microsoft Edge. Windows 10 Emulator can help developers test their applications in a virtual environment in the Visual Studio.

If you ever paid attention to Microsoft Fall Creators Update, then you could remember that the company recently has released the finalized SDK for it. Nevertheless, Microsoft will keep tweaking the experience until the full launch. 

As for new Windows 10 16257 Preview SDK, it comes with the lasted Mobile Emulator Insider Preview.

Some Changes

Microsoft is always considerate when providing a new release. Here is the changelog for the SDK: 

  • About Designer failing to render problem that when watching the XAML in a Designer window in the Visual Studio, it fails to render, Microsoft resolved it in the SDK with the Visual Studio 2017.3 Preview.
  • On those non-Windows platforms the compilation fails (this still needs to see if fixed). If you develop apps on your previous platforms, then you might get an error. Microsoft gives out an example process on its changelog for developers to learn it.
  • When you build your own WRL project including a WinRT Component, then that project will fail to compile. 
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