Microsoft Says SQL Server 2017 Will Be Available on Linux

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Microsoft yesterday announced the official general availability of SQL Server 2017 on Linux. This is really a milestone in the history of SQL Server, because it is not for Windows only, but it is available on both Windows and Linux servers, so that customers can have more options about which operating systems they prefer and opening Microsoft’s DB software up to new businesses.

Actually, this big new feature was mentioned last year, when Microsoft confirmed to make its SQL Server for Linux. Since then, the company has been working for this goal to make this software ready for production. 

According to the launch, one of the new release’s key components is the support to run machine learning workloads inside SQL Server by using Python. It allows data scientists to conduct experiments on the whole information corpus saved inside SQL Server, instead of requiring them to migrate the information to another location for next processing. It is one of the two languages available for machine learning inside SQL Server, while the other is R integrated last year.

In terms of the software’s pricing table, Microsoft offers affordable and reasonable prices which haven’t change since the launch of SQL Server 2016. At present, there are 4 tiers including Web, Developer, Express, Standard, and Enterprise. And even better, no matter customers choose Windows or Linux OS, the price of each of these tiers is the same. 

The company is making efforts to make customers can easily transfer their SQL Server workloads from those on-premises datacenters to Microsoft Azure cloud platform with its new Database Migration Service. It is originally designed to offer customers an automated way to the cloud without downtime, which means customers can continue to maintain their important apps up as well as running, even when they are making the migration. 

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance was announced in May and now it is generally available for customers who plan to perform their apps in a hybrid configuration. With this availability of Azure SQL Database Instance, customers can enjoy its managed DB services such as automatic updates, 

Apart from that, the business owners with current SQL Server licenses can apply them to Azure cloud by taking advantage of an updated Azure Hybrid Benefit. There is up of 50% off discount available on the Azure SQL DB Managed Instance with Azure Data Factory’s SQL Server Integration Services. 

It is very important for SQL Server to focus on the hybrid scenarios to meet customers’ needs, Microsoft’s general manager of database systems, Rohan Kumar said. 

He also talked that data transfer is on everyone’s mind, but different people has their own unique way. Microsoft is not going to close its own data centers and migrate all things to the cloud, or it will be not going to make everything on-premises. The hybrid play is actually the thing play out in its customers’ worlds. 

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