Microsoft Supports Newly Launched AMD EPYC 7000 Datacenter Processors

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AMD newly launched advanced chips, the AMD Epyc 7000 series, which is for datacenter, and the chip giant hopes to use it to receive a comeback in servers. 

According to the features of the AMD Epyc 7000 series, it represents the company’s most competitive action against another processor giant Intel’s core Xeon server processor business in at least 10 years. Also it is billed as the best performing across classes, so that Microsoft decided to use this datacenter processor to support its Windows Azure platforms and its Windows Servers.

What makes the AMD Epyc 7000 so competitive?

As introduced in an even in Austin, Texas, the AMD Epyc 7000 series can perform across a full range of floating points, memory bandwidth, integer, as well as I/O workloads. Even better, this new series has already received the backup from several reliable server hardware manufacturers. Currently, HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Gigabyte, Supermicro, Asus, Wistron, Inventec, Tyan, and Sugon are all supporting AMD.

In addition to that, the Epyc processors are based on its groundbreaking Zen architecture, and the processor line comes with up to 32 Zen cores per chip. Other more, each Zen core can be about 52% faster per clock cycle than those previous generations. Besides, the Epyc server processor is also more competitive in floating point, integer, as well as input-output workloads and benchmarks. 

AMD also said that the EPYC 7601 CPU-based one-socket series delivers 20% CapEx savings more than the Intel Xeon E5-2660 v4 processors.

These makes the AMD Epyc 7000 series be allowed to deliver enhanced performance compared to the current rivals. Also, it is the key feature making AMD Epyc 7000 series standing out from the crowd. And, Microsoft announced its Windows Server and Windows Azure will support the AMD Epyc processors. The company says that Microsoft is now supporting AMD Epyc 7000 series to provide the customers the best possible performance.

Microsoft requires the industry-leading infrastructure as well as the newest advances in Silicon, which is to power its Azure. So, Microsoft decides to be the first global cloud service provider to support AMD Epyc 7000 processoers. The company believes that this action is the combination of value and high performance, to customers.

Pushing Intel

In current data center processor market, Intel controls more than 95% market shares, but AMD’s new generation Epyc 7000 series for data center really brings an alternative for customers. AMD is taking the fight to the leader, Intel. 

Although AMD takes bold actions with its cutting-edge technologies into the fight, it is not easy to replace Intel in the industry, because this leader takes counterattacks. Recently, Intel announced that it is making its technologies focus on data centers.

Intel ever planned to show the market a new technology to consumer sector at first, but with the changed market demand, it could be debuting a new tech for data centers.

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