NamesCon China 2017 Was Successfully Held in Shanghai

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NamesCon China 2017, the first station of NamesCon, was successfully held in Shanghai on Oct 12th. It was one of the regional shows that complement NamesCon's multi-day main event in Las Vegas which is known as the world-renowned conference in the domain name industry. 

The conference was instructed by Service Committee of the Internet Society of China (ISC) for SMBs, in coordination with Website Register, Meicheng Technology and Yijie Group, and with the support of Verisign, Godaddy, Yumi, Guta, InterNetX, Comodo and Teleinfo. 

NamesCon China 2017 attracted more than 300 individuals and many companies from various branches in the domain name industry to discuss and share the latest knowledge, development trends, investment strategies and the like in the industry.

The conference was kicked off with a speech of Derek Newman, a Domain-name lawyer at Newman Du Wors LLP. Then, Guo Feng, deputy director of Internet Governance Center in CAICT and vice president of Government Consultant Committee of ICANN gave a detailed explanation on the policies of Chinese domain name industry and provided a clear direction for the future. Later, founder of Giuseppe shared the current situation of the market of “flowing domain names” and his tips on the investment: choose the categories with high development index for long-term investment, pay attention to the negotiability of the domain names for short-term investment, and also provide opportunities to the domain name markets which have not matured yet. 

Guest speaker: Derek Newman

Deputy Director of Internet Governance Center in CAICT and Vice President of Government Consultant Committee of ICANN: Guo Feng

Founder and CEO of GGRG.COM: Giuseppe Graziano

At the event, Website Register initially released the first installment of Statistics Report of Global Domain Name Development and Hui Xianglong, manager of Website Register said: “The environment of Chinese domain name has been formed, and Chinese domain names have become a new engine to promote corporate image, thus it has tremendous development space in the future” Then, Hong Guoliang, founder of Guta talked about the investment value and enchantment of domain names. “Domain name is a magic industry, without the limitations on region, gender, language, education background, age and race, and converging elites from various industries and regions around the world. Domain names not only are globally applicable and easy to manage and transfer, but also have brand effect, investment value as well as financial character,” he said.

Deputy Secretary General of Service Committee for SMBs and Person in Charge of Website Register: Hui Xianglong

Founder of Guta: Hong Guoliang

After the analysis of domain name industry development by Lv Hongze, general manager of business unit of Teleinfo, the keynote speeches in the morning were finished, and then the conference continued to discuss the most concerned policies, tends and investment around the domain names in the afternoon. Qu Yang, director of the Management Department of Domain Name in Operating Center of CAICT made an important speech, in which he mainly introduced the supervised situation of domain name registration administration. Later, the discussions about domain name investment, blockchain management, domain name lawsuits and the like made participants benefit a lot.

Director of the Management Department of Domain Name in Operating Center of CAICT: Qu Yang

Left: Derek Newman Right: Soeren von Varchmin

Round-table discussion is one of the most important sections of NamesCon. At the event, the round-table discussion paid special attention to the domain name industry’s development tends in China and how to evaluate domain names. Many senior practitioners and professional investors in the domain name industry have been invited to have an in-depth conversation on some hot topics such as the value, sales technique and investment situation of domain name.

From left to right: Zhu Bin (host), Hui Xianglong, Li Guangfeng, Jing Yusheng and Yang Jun

Host: Derek Newman

From left to right: Hong Guoliang, Wang Peibi, Xu jiqin, Lu Junhua, Paul Nicks and Christian Voss

NamesCon China 2017 was a new exploration on the domain name industry. Based on the fundamental spirit of mutual benefit and collaboration, the conference, closely uniting two regional and international corporates, created a win-win collaboration bridge. See you next time!

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