NVIDIA’s Titan GPUs Obtain Optimized Software for Machine Learning

Jennifer| 2017-12-05 Cloud Computing, News Comments( 0 )

Just yesterday an American large tech firm NVIDIA announced a new tool which is specially designed for developers as well as data scientists. With the new tool, Nvidia’s Titian GPU can help them create and test machine learning systems on personal computers, before they move to products on the more powerful machines. 

In detail, Nvidia GPU Cloud offers software containers to researchers, and these software containers are specifically designed to give developers the ultra-fast execution environment. Well, the optimized execution environment is ideal for training machine learning systems by utilized the chipmaker’s silicon. Actually, The machine learning-oriented DGX Station and DGX-1 computers have already contained these software containers. Besides, they also have Nvidia Volta chips-powered cloud instanced running on AWS, included in these machines. 

At present, the availability of software containers has expended and customers can now get them on consumer hardware, for example the Nvidia’s Titan GPUs which are optimized consumer GPUs, which have no the great firepower that a heavy machine learning-oriented machine has. However, it comes with lower costs and is more readily available now.

The Nvidia GPU Cloud tool is contained inside of the software containers, so it makes the possibility for those developers to bring the machine learning systems they have trained to a personal computer as well as deploy these systems on Nvidia’s cloud platform or one of tis large AI machines more easily.

All told, Nvidia’s move is about to assist developers and data scientists break through machine learning systems as well as iterate quicker on the systems which could be good in helping them handle business issues and driving AI field forward. 

Although those large tech firms can easily throw dozens, if not hundreds of GPUs at one single machine learning issue, then researchers and developers will frequently start to test their systems on those smaller and personal machines without such a great amount of firepower. Now, the new tool release of Nvidia should offer these people a speed boost. 

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