Phoenix City Approves $500 Million Project for IO

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A $500 million expansion project of Modular data center specialist IO has been approved by the Phoenix City Council. The city will spend $359,000 for infrastructure improvements on the site of IO. This infrastructure will be a three storey development. IO had bought this 11 acre site to expand its already running $200 million data center development. 

The COO of IO, Rick Crutchley said that that their company was looking forward to working with Phoenix City and other important partners as they are making a substantial investment in the community and the economy. 

Some of the top data center are present in Phoenix which includes Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), who have a data center in Mesa. The Intel Corp. also has a vast fabrication campus in Chandler who is also looking forward to grow their data center section.

Back in 2007, IO was established to concentrate on delivering colocation services by means of modular infrastructure. IO now owns and runs data centers in Phoenix, Singapore, New Jersey, Scottsdale and Ohio. Lately it had moved in the European markets where it had a facility in London. However, the overseas project did not last long and IO sold it to Equinix this year. 

IO is also responsible for the establishment of BaseLayer which is an infrastructure business that focuses in modular designed data center. 

The Phoenix campus was inaugurated in 2009 and it began to host hundreds of proprietary container modules. Since then the Phoenix campus has been growing and 538,000 square feet of space was offered to support 65.5 MW of IT equipment. Earlier IO had acquired an 11 acre land just beside the data center for a probable expansion. This land is now all set for the construction work.

The facility at Phoenix is spread on 538,000 square foot and this facility is used both as the headquarters and facility. The massive data center has many innovative designs which include a big rooftop arrangement of solar panels which generates about 4.5 megawatts of power for the data center. Also present is a thermal storage system which lets the data centers to operate chillers which is used for cooling the center especially at night when the power rates are low. The entire building uses energy efficient features such as efficient computer room air handlers, low power LED lighting, ultrasonic humidifiers and perimeter flooring which has been designed from recycled car tyres.

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