Preventing Freak SSL Flaw And Effect It Has

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Preventing Freak SSL Flaw And Effect It Has

What is Freak SSL?

Recently, security experts have discovered a new type of vulnerability- Freak SSL Bug. The term FREAK means Factoring Attack on RSA Expert Keys. This particular vulnerable bug was developed for attacking the TLS (Transport Security Layer) and the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols which is often used for encrypting the sensitive types of data when it is getting transferred online.

So, what happens is all the information such as debit and credit card information, bank passwords, and login credentials are simply passed over the various unencrypted network and data which could lead to a potential amount of data loss and risk too. A decisive attack is performed on the encrypted contents and connections which are simply outdated. And the major victims of such Freak SSL vulnerability is the platform users of MS Windows.

Basically, the Freak SSL assist the various hackers in seizing the HTTPS traffics. It even dampens the encryption of the basic communication that occurs or happens between the client and server. Additionally, another thing to notice is that Freak vulnerability helps in exploiting those servers which support the graded keys which are often used. Somewhat this provokes the hackers to do the monitoring and managing the weak connections of the servers of the victim.

You can almost say that the Freak SSL works similar to the Heartbleed. The bug present in it allows the hackers to simply study and find out what are the keys which are simply valid for a particular type of communication and session for the server. So, what happens is when the user is trying to communicate or perform and if there are any other means of making the transaction online, there is no other option than trusting the server for protecting the data. That is the best thing and the Freak SSL is the major plot changer here.

What happens is the Freak SSL flaw simply takes control of the Secure Transport software either by directing them or making them accept the current and lower hybrid encryption programs. So, what happens is that it somewhat creates a kind of loophole. This loophole is created in the secure transaction and it provides the hackers the perfect opportunity to sneak into and take a turn to steal the victim's information.

Chinese have been using the Freak SSL technique for a long time and it is used for spying on their people’s communication online within their country. In addition, users are easily vulnerable to the Freak SSL Flaw as and when they use it at Wi-Fi’s present in hotels, airport, malls, coffee shops, etc. The biggest advantage is Freak SSL does not affect the various kinds of browsers. However, the older Android version OS are quite vulnerable to the Freak SSL. And interestingly, it has been found out that somewhat five million sites are still using the outdated version of encryptions and they are quite prone to such kind of vulnerability.

There are various websites which are using the SSL technology and there are ones which are providing the basic padlock icon for the address bar. This is done to make sure that the users’ data and usage are secure. Therefore, this clearly shows that the SSL technology is not something which can be trusted and it is quite prone to the Freak SSL flaws. The kind of impact that Freak SSL has is quite widespread and even the outdated systems and unpatched contents become quite vulnerable. The TLS or SSL library of the computer giant Microsoft is called as Schannel and it has been found to be one of the most vulnerable things.

This is the reason why the users of Microsoft are struggling to somehow cipher the RSA key exchange. Plus it is even has to simply release the security patch and try to make amends in the given flaws. The Firefox is a web browser which is not simply prone for the flaw and Google Chrome has got various security fixes making it suitable for the desktop variant. In addition, the Safari is working capable on the OSX platform and the iOS is often ready with the various kind of security aspects that are necessary for fixing bugs.

Now preventing the Freak SSL Flaw is not so tough. The first thing that a user has to do is update the software used by them to a new version. This will help them to be away from the Freak SSL dangers and threat especially from the constant attacks for the outdated software. Plus users have to simply follow and try to cope up with using the most advanced kind of security means for avoiding any kind of attacks like Freak SSL flaws.  Also, the user are advised to install the SSL Certificate from an authenticated and genuine certified authority like the Comodo SSL Certificate Authority.



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