Pros and Cons of Hybrid CDNs

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Implementation of hybrid involves a number of advantages and risks too. Here we present various advantages of Hybrid CDNs along with the risks involved in them. After reading this comparison it will easy to determine what among them concern you the most. There are various advantages of Hybrid CDNs such as off-site storage, lower costs, outsourced data management, etc. However, with advantages, risks also come into the play such as security and latency problems. This article will be describing them all so that you can properly analyze any hybrid CDN service before paying for it.

Data managers are much likely to feel a bit of confused when it comes to managing hybrid cloud project. These kinds of projects are much likely to occur in various implementations of cloud services and / or CDNs. There are always some difficulties when determining if the hybrid CDNs are offering best of either words or their offers are too good to be secure. Here is a simple lookup: 

Advantages of Hybrid CDNs:

1. Lower costs:

This is a great plus point, especially for such organizations that hold large amount of inactive data. This technique would be whole a lot of cheaper since it stores inactive data at a third party facility with high capacity and compressed drives. It is a more active technique to move inactive data to the cloud and keep the active data / mission critical data near processing unit. Cheaper you know?

2. Location of the data:

It is possible to move active data from a low cost cloud repository to access points. These access points are meant to be located near the consumer. This technique is used to maintain balance between high speed access and cheap storage. Once of the great example of such data location change can be media files. However, tiering software is essential for such implementations.

3. Off-site storage:

Secure data centers are offered by almost every CDN provider. This offers a great advantage over office tower setting. Such setting is common for many corporate data centers. Off site data storage technique provides a platform for business continuance. It also serves as data archive to keep the risk of data lose at minimal.

 4. Management of data:

A range of data management services are offered as a part of service by most of the hybrid cloud providers. Following are some most common of them:

·         Replication

·         Data backup

·         Service level guarantees, etc

It staff of major organizations would be relieved from these responsibilities so they can drive their focus to more valuable activities.

5. Pay only for what you use:

Major organizations of IT field may require high amount of computing resources immediately at some urgent occasions. Hybrid cloud providers will allow you to access these resources on a short notice. You will be required to pay for only the service you are using rather than buying entire new package.

These were the various advantages of hybrid CDNs. Now let us give you a glance at various disadvantages or risks involved in implementation of Hybrid CDNs:

Disadvantages of hybrid CDNs:

1. Security risks:

When handing your data to someone else, the biggest concern is of security for sure. We are writing this first of all since it is certainly the most important factor. Encryption and other security technologies are essential for minimizing multiple risks and data lose threats including data thefts and nefarious snooping. However, it is certain that moving data outside the data center is a clear invitation to data thefts simultaneously opening a door for potential intrusions. This is a great point to notice before picking a hybrid CDN since it greatly effects on the security data and certainly it is the reason behind writing the security concern on top of the list.

2. Complexity is there too:

Implementing a hybrid CDN on the data infrastructure is definitely going to complicate the structure a lot compared to its original form. Despite this concern being a small one, you are going to require a significant amount of time to understand the new data infrastructure once the hybrid system is implemented. However, there are many vendors out there who are reducing management and IT cost by managing a third party relationship. So before going for a hybrid DNS make sure your staff (if any) is prepared for learning some new stuff (interesting though). It is also recommended to block any major data transfer operations for some time, at least until you have properly understood the new infrastructure.

3. Issues regarding to Latency:

If you are experienced enough in the field there is certain that you are aware of a significant number of vendors and solutions available out there, mostly targeting cloud storage latency issues. Do you know the reason behind such rush? The problems are still unbeatable. To avoid this issue, many hybrid CDNs providers design their system in a way that it appears like a local data storage centre. Yes, it is a short term and working solution. However, the latency issue is a key limitation of cloud storage strategy.

4. Managing costs:

A good factor about recent CDNs technology is that they can spun-up in an instance. Unfortunately, it can also cause unforeseen and uncontrolled cost events. These events are serious issues since without firm controls they are almost equivalent of a blank check. It all begins with charges of transaction, which is the price charged for moving data packets in and out of storage facility.  Sometime during SLA processes, these costs are not well understood.

5. Failure of the supplier:

There are a significant number of vendors having cloud and offering partnerships. However, there are many people out there who were been through a bubble burst and they definitely know how it feels when technology companies close of their shop all of a sudden. Your data is not packed in a sealed building. Congo! The term disaster recovery has just switched its meaning.

Having read all these factors you can now weigh various option and decide if implementing a hybrid CDN makes sense for your company or not. 

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