Rock Invests in Strategies for Expanding Cloud Computing Service

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Recently, makes strategic investments in cloud computing service, which belongs to Shenzhen QianHai Company. On Jan, 1, 2017, officially launches cloud servers. Since then, accelerates to evolve in cloud computing field, and set up new service part base on “domain” and assisting businesses to be “Internet+”.

Actually, this is also a significant strategy to rock cloud computing servicer leading position in the industry! However, can with cloud computing service really make it?

Many people participating in the cloud computing industry should know is an old brand of domain service. Founded in 2008, has been famous for domain service in China. Based on the major service of providing reliable domains, tries to expand its services to cloud computing service, with the hope of competing with

The step to combine with is to make up’s service shortage – add cloud computing service to complete its whole service development strategy, so as to walk faster into the cloud computing service industry.

With such a big prosperity, why does choose to combine with cloud computing service? is one of the few professional computing service providers, who have both ISP and IDC qualification certificates; meanwhile, it also has the system software copyright certificate, CNNIC address assignment alliance member certificate, ISO27001 authentication, and ISO9001 authentication. Based on these certificates and authentications, is wit to cooperate with, for developing its computing service.

However, there is a joke made by God maybe! At the night of the day when and both declared that invests in strategies, computing service has downtime and users can not open it.

With the development of the Internet, the demands to cloud computing service also increase. Providers in the industry develop and improve the service more and more advanced, while users require higher and higher quality of cloud computing performance and speed.

The situation also means the industry is developing fast and attracts more new participants evolving. That’s why tries to make Chinese users to focus on its new cloud computing service to challenge It indeed gets the eyes on its deal with, but the result is unpredictable because of the downtime of cloud computing service. Cloud Computing team was founded in 2009, as a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. In 2010, officially began to provide cloud computing commercial services. By far, there has been a big part of online retailers in China, depending on its cloud computing services. It now can offer basic technology platform Apsara with cloud server ECS and cloud engine ACE, cloud database RDS, cloud storage, CDN, ODPS, cloud shield, diverse industry solutions, and more. It really has rich experience and powerful cloud computing technology support.

Due to that, has been always trusted by a wide range of customers. The cloud computing market is open to competition and welcomes more participants to accelerate the industry development. combining with tries to challenge cloud computing leading position, but the final result needs time to prove and more efforts to make!

At present, still leads the industry and receives good comments from customer. Its various computing services with reliable quality and affordable pricing still attract more customers. 

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