Salesforce Attains Net-Zero Greenhouse Emission

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An announcement was made on Thursday by Salesforce that its greenhouse gas emission now stands at net-zero. They also made public their attainment of carbon neutral cloud delivery for all their customers. The announcement was broadcasted via a blog post in which they stressed the impact climate change is having on the universe due to the generation of energy from sources like fossil fuel.


The company is focused on the face of energy generation in the future, whose possibility and sustainability depend on a great deal on the source of power generation attainable. The company hopes that the seed of transformation it is sowing today in the power generation industry will ultimately lead to a more livable earth and a safer environment for all and sundry.

Everyone is affected by climate change. Plants and other animal lives too are not spared the scourge. Some of the cherished flora and fauna are disappearing by the day, and the water level is at its highest ever, which endangers the lives and properties of those residing close to the coasts of the continents of the world and its islands. These are more are the propelling forces that prompted Salesforce to intensify its effort towards the generation of a sustainable source of energy, which will curtail some of the negative impacts of climate change.   

Inequality is one concept that Salesforce, a company built on the foundation of Equality, finds difficult to condone; hence its effort towards righting the wrong foisted on the globe by climate change. Its wrong-righting commitment propels the company to harness its innovation culture to battle climate change to a standstill, which will make its dream of equality for all a reality.       

Salesforce understands the fact that the poorest regions of the world are those that will be most affected by the negative impacts of climate change and the company understands that such negative effects on these disadvantaged regions will culminate to an amplified global inequality. The company is therefore left with no other choice than to work acidulously towards the establishment of a renewable source of energy.         

How did the company achieve a net-zero greenhouse gas emission? They procured some high efficient equipment, which takes over their operations enabling such achievement.  They also went into an investment agreement on virtual power. Two of the agreements was signed in 2016, which brought in the use of wind power generating up to 64 megawatts of electricity.  Instead of on-premise installations of the power generator, the company depends on multi-tenant architecture, which brings about a huge save in both energy consumption and carbon generation.

The company claimed that this new source of energy is more efficient by 50 times more than its previous energy source. Patrick Flynn, the Director of Sustainability for the company, said the measures put in place by the company has created financial incentives towards the reduction of emission and it has also brought about an internal price on greenhouse gas. 

Flynn went further by saying the company understands how important business can act as a platform for positive change. He reiterated the commitment of the company towards doing its part to make sustainable energy source a reality for as many people as possible. In its effort to take the message of sustainable energy to as many doorsteps as possible, Flynn said the company is already in talk with various organizations and working together with them to bring this dream to reality. In his words: “Salesforce knows that business can be a powerful platform for change, and we are committed to doing our part. We are proud to advocate for access to renewable energy and actively collaborate with like-minded peers through industry groups such as the Renewable Energy Buyers’ Alliance and the Future of Internet Power.”

Salesforce is carrying out the auditing and quantitative verification of carbon offset projects and it is working together with various independent third-parties to get this done. The company is providing support for various projects gendered towards the reduction of emission in places like India and Honduras, and these various projects are clearly outlined in the earlier mentioned blog post. These projects are just one of the several projects the company is floating towards curtailing or completely eradicating greenhouse emission. As time goes on, Salesforce is hoping it can depend on the renewable source of energy alone by a 100%.

Salesforce is not alone in the fight against greenhouse emission and the complete institution of renewable source of energy. Series of blue-chip companies are also working and planning in this direction. Some of the companies also involved in this war against greenhouse effect are Equinix, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. These companies reiterated their commitments to the establishment of renewable energy source across the globe. The environmental regulations obtainable in the United States today may not be as encouraging as desired, but the companies still insist on forging ahead with their plan towards the establishment of renewable energy across the globe.         

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