Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting ?

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Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting - Which Hosting is better?

For those who haven’t heard of the term hosting, web hosting is a vital feature that is necessary for a website to run live online. The web hosting plan depends on the kind of website you operate. There are many web hosting plans to choose from. Every web hosting plan has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In this article we will see about two popular web hosting plans, known as shared hosting and VPS hosting. In shared web hosting plan, your website is shared with hundreds of websites on a single web server. Whereas in a VPS web hosting plan you can use the advanced technology to have dedicated web server for a website.

Did you know that VPS hosting and shared hosting have common features? Both hosting uses a single server to offer web hosting services for several clients. They have few compartmentalization which enables the separation of different client’s information. They are economical alternatives to dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting plan

In this web hosting plan, you can use a web server to share your website with several hundred others. For a small fee, you can hire a web hosting package that comes with shared web hosting and get your website on it. The main benefit for you as a small business is that it is cheaper and effective.

The advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting

The main advantage of this hosting package is the costs are low. For $3 you can get your own web hosting plan. When you are running small businesses or blogs, this is the best way to start online. Some businesses tend to start big, which may not be a good idea. You will want to start using a shared web hosting package and then later on shift to a better web hosting package.

As you are going to handle few tools, it is easy to manage. Those of you who are not familiar with tools online will find this easy. The disadvantages of this hosting package are that your security is nil. The security features in shared hosting is not excellent when compared to VPS hosting.

Several clients can download and upload information using the same operating system. Many websites can be accessed and the chances of crashes occurring are often. This decreases the reliability of the hosting package. As you will be sharing your website with hundreds of other websites, the chances of having a secure website is not there.

Your website can be easily hacked into. The worse part here is that you do not have too many tools to work on. You feel handicapped when you want to make changes on your website. As you are sharing bandwidth, CPU processing capability, and hard disk space, you cannot expect it to load online quickly.

Virtual private server plan

In a virtual private server web hosting plan, your website runs on a single web server. You are offered with a server and administrative access which helps you modify the requirements as and when you want. When you notice that the Internet traffic on your website has increased, you can make changes.

The advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting

The advantages of using this website hosting plan is that the security, bandwidth, CPU capacity, disk space are better when compared to the shared web hosting. One factor you will want to notice when using this hosting plan is that the bandwidth, security, and CPU abilities are still shared on a physical machine.

Supposing another website present on the same web server experiences a crash or slows down, your website will not experience any problem at all. That is because it is virtual private. You are private virtually and these issues which occur often on a share web hosting package will not happen in here.[divider]


When compared to the shared web hosting, the virtual private server plan is expensive. That is because you are getting more features which do not come in shared hosting package. You get better bandwidth and security features which are essential for a growing website. When you want your business to grow and need powerful features, then you would want to use VPS plan.


The VPS hosting is reliable as far as the security is concerned. As it is a private server, most of the websites are offered with their own controls. A website owner can control the website and share information as the administrators powers are given to them. The occurrence of crashes are also lesser when compared to shared hosting.

There are various plans on the VPS package and depending on your financial abilities you will want to choose the web hosting plan. There is a web hosting plan on the VPS package known as the managed VPS hosting plan.  This plan offers you with more service of setting up your VPS, managing, monitoring, and helps your website run smoothly.

As you can see, virtual private server hosting is the ultimate way you would want to step from a shared web hosting plan. It has more benefits and provides you with better security features. Whether you are a business individual who wants better mobility or a non-profit organization who wants more visibility, virtual private server hosting plan fits the bill perfectly.

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