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In today’s times, with internet being a part of more than half of our lives, it gets important for us to evolve accordingly. Internet now plays a big role in our everyday life. Right from daily news to latest videos to any new recipes…. we require this web every now and then. Truth is we cannot imagine a life without it. Thanks to the speed of the internet these days, we have the answers to our question within seconds. But have you ever wondered how this speed is achieved? There might be thousands and thousands of people looking for the same information and this can create congestion leading to slowing down of the site and even crashing of servers. The answer to this lies in knowing how to use CDN for your websites.

This problem is solved by the use of Content Deliver Networks also known as Content Distribution Networks. As the name suggests, these networks locally or globally distribute the content to the users with high performance. In this competitive environment, one is required to make use of such technologies to enhance performance. Slowing down of your server even for a few milliseconds can affect your business to a large extent. 

There are many providers such as Microsoft, Amazon S3 and so on. You can select the kind of CDN you require for you site. The type greatly depends on the kind of traffic you are looking for. You first need to list down your requirements and then choose. Whether you provide a dynamic content or static content or both has to be specified and this makes it easy for you to choose the CDN further. CDN makes it easy for the users of a certain far away location, reach your website easily and fast. If you have a website then CDN becomes beneficial for your site as well as your company. CDN generally becomes important and rather critical for new businesses and start-ups. The users are not very patient and there is a lot of competition out there. So if there’s a delay of a few seconds and there goes the chances of that user to stay any further on your site. CDN has always proved to be the quickest way to enhance the speed of your website. 

How to use CDN to your benefit

You might have noticed that while multiple files, let’s say four, are being downloaded from the same site, the connection does not allow the download of the fifth file until any of these are done. This happens because the browser limits the number of file downloads that happens to a single domain.  Usually the browsers permit a certain number of downloads at a time. So until any of those numbers are done, the next download does not begin. This takes a lot of time. When you use a CDN for such a site, the files get hosted by a different domain. So when you choose to download more files, you can as these files come from a different domain. This gives your website a better accessibility and therefore increases traffic.

Since the network is so spread out that the content you are looking for may have been cached by the browser. So when you or anyone else searches for it, it will not take time to load. The CDN system has it ready for you. How to use CDN in such case is easily recognized and it increases your performance. CDN gives better and higher availability and lessens the network latency. 

A plus point of the CDN is that if a user visits your website from a different corner of the world, the localized data centers attached to the CDN give faster results no matter how many trans-continental electronic jumps they have to make. If the CDN is not at work here then the time required to even load your website increases. 

A faster speed and a better quality improve your chances of business. These CDN providers usually charge per byte and since you select which one works best for you, you can get the best in the given cost of the service. It becomes crucial for one to understand how to use CDN for the website in cases when you need the best performance. A CDN saves bandwidth. It not only improves the performance of your site but also reduces the hosting costs to a bare minimum. 

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