SingleHop Cloud Hosting Review

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SingleHop Cloud Hosting ReviewSingleHop ( is one of the fastest growing IT infrastructure and cloud hosting companies in the industry today. Based in Chicago, SingleHop specialized in VMware public cloud hosting services for more than 2,500 servers from their world class datacenters in Chicago.

SingleHop VMware Public Cloud Features

SingleHop deploys VMware public cloud servers which are good to handle large traffic spikes, and are only charged for the resources they use. Due to advance cloud service deployment technology within VMware's product their public cloud servers can be added or subtracted in as little as 60-seconds in order to match demand in real-time. Also their public cloud servers have true cloud environment, hourly/resource-based billing, native high availability, automatic failover and many more (see below).

SingleHop Cloud Hosting Review

SingleHop World Class Data Center

When it comes to public cloud servers, reliable data centers are essential. Cloud data centers should be massive and have hundreds of thousands of square feet of space and SingleHop has 4 state-of-the-art datacenters; 3 in the U.S. and 1 in Europe. The two data centers in Chicago are nearby their headquarters and are considered to be as two of the best in the city area.

Their Datacenter (CHI-1) is SingleHop's first data center and has more than 2,000 dedicated servers for over 1,000 clients throughout the world. Equipped with 100% Cisco powered networks, redundant N+1 power and HVAC system.

SingleHop other Datacenter (CHI-2) is an N+2 Military-Class, Tier-3 Suburban Chicago Facility. CHI-2 is SingleHop's largest data center facility (200,000 sq. feet of computing space). The facility is entirely N+2 redundant, with dual backup generators, dual-feed Internet, and highly dependable network systems and HVAC.

Lastly, all their datacenters are monitored 24/7 staffing with SingleHop engineers.

SingleHop Cloud Hosting Pricing

With SingleHop Public Cloud pricing varies depending on your personal needs. Customers can get started from $45.39/month that includes: 2.4GHz, 1GB of Memory and 25GB (SAN) storage, in which they have the option to upgrade or use SingleHops Customize and Deploy features. This helps customers utilize how much CPU cores, Memory RAM, Cloud storage, bandwidth etc. they want.

However customers can also can for SingleHops public Cloud by an hourly cost which starts from 6.53 ¢ per hour.


SingleHop Public Network Speed

The SingleHop network is powered by a high-speed Cisco core with capacity of over 150+ Gbps and 10+ Gbps between network layers and is designed to scale with an emphasis on stability and redundancy. For the past 3 years, SingleHop boasts of maintaining 100% network uptime for the past few years.

SingleHops' network is fully redundant and can respond rapidly to changes in network conditions, and quickly update customer configurations to provide excellent services.

SingleHop Cloud Tech Support

SingleHop technical support is open and available 24/7 via Toll-Free phone, and ticket management system from inside customers LEAP control panel. Customers can contact tech support about their cloud questions and issues.

What makes SingleHop unique is that they assign a dedicated customer support team for each user and this team will handle the particular client's cloud server needs whenever an inquiry is made.

SingleHop Cloud Hosting Review Conclusion

SingleHop proves to be a highly reliable provider of cloud hosting services to clients and in need and there, “manage IT differently” have earned their good reputation in the cloud industry.

We recommend SingleHop Cloud hosting to ecommerce sites and medium to large companies with high traffic websites, for more information please visit SingleHop Public Cloud Server.

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