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So you have your business plan and created a website and registered a domain name, but customers need to access your website, so you need a place for it to be viewed on the internet.  Web Hosting can be a confusing aspect go the internet, but the significant growth of e-commerce is highly recommended for small business owners to invest in web hosting options for joint ventures and expansions.  For a small business you need to know:

  • What features do I need?
  • How much space?
  • What kind of traffic are you expecting?
  • How Reliable and Fast Your Web Host is?
  • What the difference is between shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting? etc.

Find Reliable Web Hosting

Small business owners need to figure out what’s really important when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider.  When you start your online presence, there’s something else that needs to catch your attention, and that is reliability!

As you look into finding a Web-hosting provider it’s very essential that you know your sites reliability because it’s crucial to the operation and efficiency of your website. Below are some main questions to ask you-self when finding great reliability, support and ecommerce from a Web hosts.

Uptime And Reliability Guarantee

Most web hosts will run at a 99.9% server time; the higher that number is the better. If your Web hosting firm doesn’t meet the minimum standards, look for discount or a refund. A written guarantee helps your servers stay running — site speed, uptime, page load times and more are important.

Are the Servers Secured?

Verify your Web hosting provider’s security claims, because getting your website hacked is a small business owner’s worst nightmare. Also make sure that your web host backs-up theirs servers to prevent hackers. Disruption in service can kill any momentum your small business might have.

What type of hosting service is best?

The advantages of a small business hosting service are that it caters solely for the small business and should therefore be in tune with small business needs.  For example Inmotion hosting is a web host dedicated to offering web hosting solution to business. To ensure a higher reliability and security, the company use world-class data center, powerful premium Dell web servers, and only hire engineers with 8 years working experience, by which they could offer a perfect server environment for all-sizes of businesses.

However it’s your choice whether you use a small business hosting service or opt for cheap web hosting from a more generic hosing supplier.  And below are some more useful resources we would recommend to find a great hosting solutions for your business

Shared Web Hosting

As the name implies, Shared hosting is the most popular one among various web hosting types and uses the environment where you share a space on the web server. It’s most suitable for personal and the majority of small business needs. Most shared hosting companies use a Linux platform, while some use a Windows platform as well, usually for a higher rate per month. For shared hosting, most of its packages are scalable, so you can change your plan depending on your needs

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server is a shared hosting plan that acts like a dedicated server (read below). By using the virtualization technology, the server is partitioned into separate parts, and each part can perform like a full dedicated server with its own dedicated resources. It’s usually more expensive than shared hosting and cheaper than dedicated hosting. To a list of great VPS hosting, you could check out

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is more expensive and it’s where your site is housed on a server by itself. Its main advantage is that you can determine how to allocate your resources and what your server is used for.  You can use multiple domains and host additional sites on the server if you want. The amount and type of software solutions you install are virtually unlimited.

Choosing a Web Host

The web host you decide to choose should provide user-friendly interface where you can carry out most of the tasks and your web hosting provider should be able to offer your ongoing support once your site is live. Look for web hosts that offer 24/7 customer support and access to technical staff.  Look for web hosts that guarantee a server uptime of 99.99% and visit the web host forums and see what most customers say about the company - good and bad.

In general, Small business web hosting is a highly competitive sector. Most of web hosts have solution to target at small business owners, the price is also quite low. For example, Bluehost, the best small business hosting awarded by our editors, its hosting prices start at $3.95/mo only, which makes starting a small business site really affordable.

Majority of Small Businesses are Satisfied with Their Hosting Service

Business web hosting is now more important than ever.  Small enterprises used to thrive without establishing presence online. Now it’s the trend especially for small business to use a reliable web host to succeed in the online hosting market.

Most small business, especially startups, will choose shared hosting as their first choice and if needed they'll upgrade to VPS or dedicated server.

In the past month being openly monitored by HostUCan (below), small businesses are the majority group that makes up 48% which 468 reviews was submitted.  Out of those 48% of small businesses owners, 89% recommended their web host (which is a 5% increase from last year January), while 11% of them didn't recommend their web host.


The 11% that didn't recommend their particular web host was due to limitations on a shared hosting, not enough monthly transfer (bandwidth) and speed which indicates that needed to upgrade, please read when to upgrade your shared web hosting for knowledge about upgrading your web hosting plan.

When it comes to shared hosting there’s several web hosts that’s best suited and designed for Small Businesses/ecommerce business websites i.e. Bluehost, InmotionHosting and Webhostinghub.

Let’s take InmotionHosting for example.  Inmotion Hosting is a global leader in providing business level hosting especially for small-medium businesses and the company also owns its own datacenters which essential means faster speeds for their websites to ensure reliable web hosting.

For more information about web hosting stats on shared hosting plans please visit

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