SoftLayer Cloud Hosting Review

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SoftLayer Cloud ReviewSoftLayer ( is a leading cloud hosting service provider around the world. SoftLayer Cloud services come with a large number of facilities that provide immense flexibility, data protection, security, etc. The company has 7 datacenters worldwide and leverages the best-in-class connectivity and technology to provide extremely fast performance for their customers.

SoftLayer Public Cloud – Cloud Features

SoftLayer public cloud features are rich and utilize the latest technology. The companies’ customized approach to offer servers provides customers the ideal balance of flexibility, scalability, performance and security to address their needs.

Besides this, some of SoftLayer public cloud highlights include; Open API, Deployment in Minutes, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Cloud Computing Instances, Exclusive Network Architecture and many more.

SoftLayer Public Cloud - Price

When purchasing SoftLayer Public Cloud plan, customers will have the option to Hourly and Monthly plans. Both, SoftLayer plans include unlimited inbound and private network bandwidth.

Hourly plans don’t include any outbound bandwidth ($0.10/GB for all outbound bandwidth).

However, monthly plans include 5000GB of outbound bandwidth/month ($0.10/GB charge for additional bandwidth).

SoftLayer Cloud Review

SoftLayer World Class Data Center

SoftLayer data centers follow their “Data Center Pod Concept” which makes them function independent with redundant distinct and resources, with are fully integrated through SoftLayer’s revolutionary network architecture.

Softlayer Cloud Review

All SoftLayer datacenters are backed with dedicated generators, fiber links; multiple power feeds, and has regular battery backup. Their data center facility is built from industry-leading equipment and hardware that ensures the highest level of performance and, reliability.

SoftLayer CloudLayer CDN (Content Delivery Network)

SoftLayer’s CloudLayer CDN (content delivery network) is a system of servers running advanced software for storing, organizing and streaming website content to end-users. The company uses CDN to transfer content from the host server to a node that is geographically closer to the end-user, instead of serving the content directly from the hosting server to the end-user. This minimizes the distance the data has to travel, avoiding network traffic jams and decreasing latency.

Besides this, SoftLayer’s CloudLayer CDN also includes all the robust tools for digital rights management and content monetization.

SoftLayer Cloud Tech Support

SoftLayer's technical support is open and available 24/7 via Live Chat, phone, SoftLayer Forum and the company provides KnowledgeLayer® database which has many clouding articles, tutorials, and FAQs.

SoftLayer boasts of their ticket system with 20 minute response on all tickets and the company states that phones calls will be answered by the second ring.

SoftLayer Cloud Hosting Review Conclusion

SoftLayer proves to be a highly reliable provider of cloud hosting services to customers that gets fast Cloud server experience due to high cloud performance computing.

We recommend SoftLayer Cloud hosting to e-commerce and e-business sites and to gain more knowledge please visit SoftLayer Public Cloud Server or


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