SoftLayer Dedicated Server Review

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SoftLayer Dedicated Server ReviewFounded in Dallas, Texas, SoftLayer ( is a leader in dedicated server hosting in which the company offers many solutions including single and quad core processors. The company has more than 76000 servers and has served over 25000 customers. SoftLayer is also known for their fully automated solutions and data centers supported by unique high end technologies.

SoftLayer Global Data Centers

All SoftLayer datacenters are state-of-the-art that is backed with dedicated generators; multiple power feeds, fiber links, and has regular battery backup. Their data center facility is built from industry-leading equipment and hardware that ensures the highest level of performance and, reliability. “Data Center Pod Concept” is the concept that Softlayer uses. With this concept, it ensures SoftLayer function independent with redundant distinct and resources, with are fully integrated through SoftLayer’s revolutionary network architecture.

SoftLayer Dedicated Server – Features

SoftLayer Dedicated server features are comprehensive and users can accelerate deployment and optimize your total cost of operations. The companies’ customized approach to offer servers provides customers the ideal balance of, performance, flexibility scalability and security to address their needs. Besides this, some of SoftLayer dedicated server highlights features are: 100Mbps Public & Private Ports, Private VLAN via Public & Private Network, Server-to-server Connectivity and many more.

Besides this, some of SoftLayer dedicated server highlights features comes along with software; CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, also Automated OS Reloads, Hardware Identification, Private VLAN via Public & Private Network, 100Mbps Public & Private Ports, Server-to-server Connectivity and more.

SoftLayer Dedicated Server – Pricing

SoftLayer provides multiple tiers of dedicated servers depending on the amount of power the user needs. As below, their featured servers cost $159/mo (Single Processor), $259/mo (Dual Processor) and $499/mo(Quad processor) . Softlayer does offer great dedicated server service, but everything come at a price, the price of Softlayer Dedicated Server is relatively expensive when comparing with Singlehop or Bluehost.

SoftLayer Dedicated Server Review

All dedicated server plans comes with Free Inbound Public Bandwidth, Free Private Network Bandwidth, 20TB/month Outbound Public Bandwidth, 100Mbps Public & Private Ports.

SoftLayer Dedicated Server – Technical Support

SoftLayer provides top level technical support via Phone, Live Chat 24/7/365. Softlayer also provides a Forum and KnowledgeLayer® database which has many tutorials, FAQs and articles. The company also boasts of their ticket system with 20 minute response on all tickets and SoftLayer states that their technical support team will answer calls by the second ring.

SoftLayer Dedicated Server Review Conclusion

Softlayer is highly recommended for those who need competitively priced self-managed servers. Everything from the server itself to uplink port speeds, Bandwidth, RAM, and number of IP addresses can be chosen individually.

Small business and ecommerce websites are best suited for SoftLayer and for more info check out or check out Softlayer Review.

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