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Google-AuthorshipMany people have known Google authorship, but some may be still unclear about it. Now, we will introduce  Google authorship and provide some advice on how to stay relevant with Google and SEO.

What Is Google Authorship

Google authorship is a solution that Google came up with to connect a piece of content with the Google Plus profile of its author. You can set up your authorship in Google+ account. With Google authorship,every article in internet is connected to its author. It is a better way for most authors to build their own authority and get more fans. Since Google have made author ranking as one factor which can influence website ranking, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of Google authorship.

Google authorship can have a direct influence on click-through-rate. Authoritative authors always own many fans that follow them everywhere. If a authoritative author writes for your website, your website can get more traffic through his authority. It is proved to be the one of good ways to do SEO.

How To Stay Relevant With Google Authorship

Although it is said that Google have update authorship recently, there are something that you can continue to focus on when optimizing for authorship results:

  1. Write quality, original content with expertise and topical authority,and share it. But, ensure your authorship setup is proper.
  2. Optimize the important area of your website regularly, and keep a deep association with quality content on that specific subject matter.
  3. Stay awake on considering which sites are quality enough to contribute to as an author. Do not always focus on authoritative author. Contribute and accept quality content at the same time.
  4. Share your content on Google+,and engage with other posts that are related to yours.
  5. Make an effort to communicate with other authoritative authors and individuals on Google+.

You have to know that all Google have done is aimed at quality content and reward them. So, as a publisher, you should keep in mind these things:

  • Is the content written by the author good.
  • The content relevant to the subject or topic is published regularly.
  • Can the content can get considerable CTR.

The first point is essential whether there is authorship. The second and the third should be your efforts to get more rewards from Google.


While some publishers may be in a panic over the recent update of Google authorship, the information above can be always in dated for your authorship optimization. All your work is to make quality content and get more traffic for your websites. Just focus on what people really want and this will help you a lot.

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