Tech Companies Unite for 'Net Neutrality' Protest

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Over 80,000 websites and large tech firms such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are taking part in a protest against the US FCC’s plans of rolling back the rules of “net neutrality”. These websites will display the message to urge people to speak out their opinions to the FCC.

This online protest “Day of Action” started from Wednesday this week, now more and more tech firms, social media companies and other Internet relative companies, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Airbnb, are taking part in the action. More than 80,000 website will show visitors their warnings, ads and short videos, or display the potential effects of removing those basic rules of all the internet traffic that is treated equally. In this way, they urge the public to protest FCC’s plans. 

In the early of this year, the US communications regulator has voted for this removal of the rules in Obama era. These rules were to ask all the Internet service providers (ISPs), like AT&T and Comcast, must treat all the Internet content equally. Namely, ISPs cannot block any content or boost or slow down any data speed from a certain website. So, they could prevent the prioritization of data and other measures that campaigners think to be the detriment of the Internet. 

In May of the year, the U.S. FCC decided to vote to reverse these rules put in place in Obama era. The FCC claimed that the plan of rolling back “net neutrality” principles would increase investment in various technologies. 

However, Internet service providers have stood in front of the FCC’s plans. That’s the reason the Wednesday protect “Day of Action” happening. Users can find many familiar companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Google, Amazon, Spotify and Netflix.

The purpose of this online protect is to hope the FCC can heard from the public and the internet companies who will be really affected by these plans of rolling back “net neutrality” principles. Twitter also put a blog for it, to encourage its users to use “#NetNeutrality” to express their ideas or pursuit and let their voice reach the FCC. Google said online that the FCC’s plans will stop large ISPs from controlling those lose or win on the Internet already; nothing now or in the future can stop ISPs stopping a new Google or a new Facebook from accessing their customers equally.

By far, this protest is still getting more and more people involved in. If this is successful, then Trump’s FCC has to consider to set back or seek for another neutral solution to realize its purpose.

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