The 7 Smartest Companies in Cloud Computing in MIT technology Review

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The list of top 50 smartest companies released by MIT technology Review has several companies dealing in cloud services – they are either supporting cloud services, using cloud services or selling the cloud services. There are other companies such as VR, bio-tech and fintech but they too take the help of cloud technology to both develop and provide their products and services.

Nvidia happens to be on the top and this time it is not for video games or share of chips but because its chips also top the market of Artificial Intelligence which are put to use by some of the top internet and cloud service provider.

Companies on the list that are dealing in cloud providing services also have other businesses but their position among MIT’s 50 smartest companies because their companies are concerned with the business of cloud and services grounded on it compared to the actual profit generators like personal computers IMB or Microsoft and retails business of Amazon.

Among the ranked in the top 50 of list of MIT here 7 companies who offer cloud services.

1. Amazon: 

Placed 3rd in the list of 50 smartest companies, Amazon’s AI technologies especially Alexa along with others have positioned Amazon in this place. There are about 12,000 programs that have been published by the software developers for Alexa whose voice intelligence has been expanded to phones, cars etc. There was a 55% increase in sales in 2016 and the company is also expanding speedily showing a double profit. They have also created an Artificial Intelligence powered store along with Amazon Go. 

2. Alphabet: 

Alphabet ranks 5th in the list of MIT technology. Artificial Intelligence also happens to be one of the important fronts of Alphabet and its subsidiaries. However, Google Cloud hasn’t been mentioned in the summary. Alphabet has continued to research into AI while also expanding their innovation into virtual reality, phones and self-driving cars. The review also mentions that the company saves about 40% energy by applying machine learning algorithms from its DeepMind subsidiary and uses it in its data center for its cooling system.

3. Tencent: 

The company earned the 8th position in the list of smartest companies for turning their famous chat platform WeChat into a virtual operating system that features mini programs. From the 770 million users that WeChat has half of them use the service for more than 90 minutes every day. Tencent recently opened a cloud data center I the Silicon Valley to support its hunt of market share growth of cloud services in US.

4. Microsoft: 

Famous for its software, consumer electronics, licenses and personal computers, Microsoft has been placed 27th position by MIT in the list of 50 smartest companies. Microsoft seems to be growing quite fast in its cloud business. The team of Quantum Computing experts at Microsoft are aiming to create commercially feasible products so it comes to a position where it can compete with companies like IBM and Google. Microsoft has also projected $15 billion revenue for the year only for its commercial cloud business. 

5.  IBM: 

The company had once dominated the world by being the biggest personal computer maker and today it also looks forward to investing and yielding profit from cloud services too. IBM got the 39th rank in the list. In 2016, the company’s 40% revenue came from AI and block chain cloud computing. IBM also managed to make some big deals such as providing cloud services to Bombardier and BMW in 2017. 

6. Alibaba: 

This Chinese e-commerce is already soared high in the global wholesale trade with millions of sellers and buyers making deals every day. However, MIT technology has ranked Alibaba 41st in its list for the new venture that Alibaba has taken which is Artificial Intelligence in its cloud platform. This also includes products related to cloud and the launch of a global electronic trade platform so that the company can develop its business with small and medium size companies throughout the world. 

7. Baidu: 

Although Baidu had to face quite a loss in 2017 the company is conducting some important research in the field of AI which included China’s National Engineering Lab of Deep Learning Technology and Application. Baidu stands 50thon the list.

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