To Start Web Hosting Business: SmarterASP.NET or Bisend Reseller Hosting?

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With the booming of web hosting business, more and more people are involved in the web hosting industry, and reseller hosting is one of the quickest and easiest ways for those beginners to get their web hosting business started with low costs and low technical requirements. 

We have known that SmarterASP.NET ( is one of popular ASP.NET hosting companies, which also continuously enriches its web hosting products line with Linux hosting. Reseller hosting is one of its featured products. Bisend ( is a new star in the web hosting industry, offering both Linux and Windows hosting in the industry. Because of high price value, Bisend is now popular among individuals and SMBs. 

In the post below, we are to compare the two companies’ reseller hosting plans to figure out which is the better partner for customers to start their web hosting business. Before customers start to check out our comparison, you can firstly have a look at detailed SmarterASP.NET Review and Bisend Review to have a general understanding.

SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting vs. Bisend Reseller Hosting – Features

SmarterASP.NET and Bisend both provide different reseller hosting plans to customers. However, SmarterASP.NET reseller hosting is Windows friendly only, while aside Windows reseller hosting, Bisend can also provide customers with Linux reseller hosting plans. In order to compare their reseller hosting features, we are to mostly focus on Windows reseller hosting plans. 

Main Package Features

At SmarterASP.NET, four Windows reseller hosting comes with 50GB to 180GB web space, unlimited website/IIS entry, unlimited domains, 500GB to 1,800GB bandwidth, and unlimited FTP accounts. At Bisend, its Windows reseller hosting has three plans, offering customers with 60GB to 180GB SSD disk space, 600GB to 1.8TB bandwidth, and unlimited websites. It is clear that Bisend Windows Reseller hosting has larger amount of server resources and SSDs offered.  

Reseller Management

Running reseller hosting, it is important to manage reseller accounts and clients effectively. At SmarterASP.NET, its Windows reseller hosting comes with web-based control panel which is for customers to use to manage their hosting accounts quickly. Besides, SmarterASP.NET also provides a set of API allowing customers to manage, delete and add all their hosting accounts.

At Bisend, its Windows reseller hosting comes with Plesk control panel for reseller account management, which is one of most popular control panels coming with many easy-to-use features to increase reseller accounts management efficiency. Compared to SmarterASP.NET web-based control panel, it is evident that Plesk control panel is more powerful.

Other Highlights

In their Windows reseller hosting accounts, both SmarterASP.NET and Bisend includes many development and easy-to-use features which can be delivered to customers’ clients as well. 

SmarterASP.NET Windows reseller hosting with Windows 2012 and 2008 Server support, comes with Web Deploy, IIS7/8, Full Trust & Medium Trust, URL Rewrite Module 2, isolated application pool, cron jobs, multiple .NET versions, unlimited MSSQL DBs, SQL reporting service, contained database authentication, unlimited MySQL, unlimited Smartermail enterprise email boxes, ASP.NET 4.7, ASP.NET Core 1.0 and 1.1, MVC 6, ASP.NET 4.5 Websockets, 1-click installers and more.

Bisend offers unlimited free SSL certificates, multiple PHP versions, PHP 7.0x, MySQL 5.5+ with phpMyAdmin, multiple versions of MSSQL server with remote database management, unlimited emails with webmail access, Integration of Thunderbird and Outlook, anti-virus and anti-spam, FTP over HTTPs, hotlink protections, 301 URL Rewrite, .htaccess customization, password protection and website backups as well as restore. 

Both have rich advanced Windows hosting features offered to customers’ clients, plus unlimited email accounts and databases, customers can easily offer their clients Windows-friendly reseller accounts.

Additionally, Bisend has Linux reseller hosting as well, which comes with the same amount of server resources and control panel features. so customers with Bisend Linux reseller hosting can also run their reseller business easily.

SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting vs. Bisend Reseller Hosting – Pricing

SmarterASP.NET allows customers flexible payment terms including 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months, but its Windows reseller hosting does not come with special deal and its entry-level plan starts at $30/mo, which is a little higher than its competitors. 

As for Bisend, there is 1 year, 2 years and 3 years of payment terms available. Bisend Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting both come with the same pricing and discounts. normally, Bisend reseller hosting starts from $43.25/mo, but now all plans with up to 64% off discounts, and the entry-level plan is as low as $19.95/mo after cutting 54% off.

For pricing, Bisend reseller hosting is cheaper than SmarterASP.NET. About money back guarantee, SmarterASP.NET offers 60 days full money back guarantee, while Bisend offers 30 days money back guarantee. Both allow customers to test their reseller hosting with minimum loss. 

SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting vs. Bisend Reseller Hosting – Speed and Reliability

To run reseller hosting business, hosting performance is one of essential factors when customers are choosing providers. SmarterASP.Net and Bisend both guarantees to offer customers 99.9% uptime. 

SmarterASP.NET utilizes ultra-fast SSDs to enhance its server hardware, including SSD file storage cloud, SSD database server, and SSD application server cloud. These SSD solutions can make its reseller hosting 20x faster than traditional reseller hosting. Likewise, Bisend integrates SSD storage into both Linux and Windows reseller hosting, to offer customers faster experience. 

In term of data centers, SmarterASP.NET has multiple locations available which are fully equipped with redundant fiber trunks for network, redundant power supplies, and round-the-clock security. That’s why SmarterASP.NET is confident to offer customers the reliable hosting experience.

At Bisend, it also has US-based and Hong Kong data centers support. For US-based data center, fully redundant power supply systems, climate control systems, cooling system, and redundant network facilities are all set up here, so as to deliver reliable hosting for customer websites.

In addition, both companies offer reseller hosting with website backups, anti-spam and anti-virus to ensure data security for customers. Plus close server monitoring and in-house security, Customers can have no worry about data loss.

SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting vs. Bisend Reseller Hosting – Customer Support

Customer support is also vital for reseller hosting business. SmarterASP.NET and Bisend both offer 24/7 live chat as well as helpdesk support, and ticket support is also available at Bisend. These responsive support services can also be delivered to customers’ clients. 

Other more, SmarterASP.NET and Bisend both are creating their exclusive knowledge base which includes most comprehensive web hosting related issues with answers and the latest tutorials for customers to improve their skills. 

Differently, Bisend has a 100% satisfaction guarantee offered to customers, which ensures customers always get the best possible customers support via live chat, ticket, and knowledgebase.

Final Verdict – Which One Has Better Reseller Hosting?

Both SmarterASP.NET and Bisend are popular cheap web hosting, but We have learned that SmarterASP.NET reseller hosting is more expensive than Bisend reseller hosting. Moreover, Bisend reseller hosting is available with both Linux and Windows types and includes more powerful reseller management tools like Plesk control panel. 

Although they have similar hosting performance and both good customer support we have reviewed above, we still think Bisend is the better partner for customers to get started their reseller hosting business, because of lower pricing and richer features. 

If customers want to get further understanding about Bisend, please visit Don’t forget to make full use of Bisend up 64% off discount. 


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2018-06-21 17:19
I had no clear idea which one is a better choice between SmarterASP.NET and Bisend until meet this in-depth comparison. The Bisend reseller hosting attracts me more due to the more advantages it has over the competitor's.