Top 10 China Private Cloud Providers (2)

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Introduction: In the perspective of market and industry, cloud computing now has been the second half. The majority of moving to the cloud has changed from SMBs, Internet companies into traditional meddle and large enterprises, who even more hope to adopt autonomous, secure and controllable private cloud, and private cloud deployment moves into gold age. In below, we will continue to introduce the rest 10 most powerful China private cloud providers.

6. ZTE

ZTE Cloud’s core feature is TECS cloud platform which is based on OpenStack. TECS enable centralized dispatching and management of computing, network virtualized infrastructure and storage via unified ports, to quickly construct cloud environment foundation, lower down business operation costs, and offer IaaS and application deployment in multi-data center heterogeneous cloud environment. 

TECS can offer the ability of multi-data center interconnection management and data center virtualization, so that customers can make unified planning and mange cloud resources in heterogeneous cloud environment, simplify management and operation, and meet operators’ demands for whole network resource cooperation as well as automatic operation and maintenance.

On 7 November 2017, ZTE officially released new cloud platform TECS 6.0 at OpenStack Summit in Sydney. The new product took lead in various major cloud platforms, and could better meet the demands for 5G/IoT mobile network and new business. On 4 January 2018, 7th China Cloud Computing Standard and Application Conference, ZTE and China Mobile together created Hohhot SDN private cloud case which obtained China Good Cloud Computing Open Source Instance first prize. 

Advantages: carrier-class performance, reliability and security. 


In 2014, established private cloud business unit, using an entry point of industry software operation service experience to getting in private cloud industry. By far, has four core products, including enterprise-class private cloud platform CloudUltra, StorUltra, OpsUltra and Amall. takes security seriously and offers enterprise-class users’ business with consecutive protection, enabling disturbance switching in seconds and data recovery in seconds, and guaranteeing they will never lose their. The three points can ensure cloud software system and cloud deployment’s high availability.

In 2017, made great progress in several industries like education, transportation, and finance, especially in transportation cloud ranking first. With its own advantages in the private cloud industry and enhancement in data center network nodes construction, on 4 January 2018 successfully won the bidding of China Ordins Group Co., Ltd, private cloud project.

Advantages: offering integrated cloud solution including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS; classifying application levels according to different application features.

8. Sugon

Sugon is China leading information system provider, backed by Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has powerful technical strength and rich experience of industrialization in high-performance computing and cloud computing industries. Sugon private cloud is based on QC Server, which can offer users with SDK/API ports for quantum communication to make their application system quickly converge with Sugon cloud computing and quantum communication technologies. On 27 September 2017, the world’s first quantum communication-based cloud security AIO QC Server was officially released. 

The new product mainly provides the cloud computing operating system deeply converged with quantum secret communication and cloud storage platform.  QC Server with quantum secret key system features one secret key one time, random cipher, in-separation, and non-duplicated, so it cannot only ensure communication security, but also protect whole security of the cloud platform. 

Advantages: Chinese Academy of Sciences background, quantum communication-based cloud operating system

9. 99Cloud

Founded in 2012, 99Cloud specializes in “OpenStack enterprise practice last mail”. At present, OpenStack mainly has two kinds of service providers: one is product-oriented, and other is service-oriented. 99Cloud is the later one, which makes better OpenStack productization, helping users to quickly deploy and construct cloud platform as well as realize smooth upgrades to ensure business stably continue to operate and expand. 99Cloud insists in the conception of Upstream first, and its OpenStack community core code Blueprints’ contribution ranks 5th in the world, and the 99Cloud is the first company in China in terms of professional OpenStack. 

On 8 May 2017, 99Cloud pushed out world’ first Ocata-based OpenStack publish edition Animbus 5.0. The new edition integrates the most reliable OpenStack kernel, surpassing the currently mostly used L and M edition. 

Advantages: easy deployment, easy upgrades, easy management, easy scalability, 

10. Lenovo

Lenovo cloud started its cloud business from enterprise network disk which offers customers with data secure storage, file distribution and collection, large file ultra-fast transnational transfer, rights management, and more. At present, Lenovo enterprise network disk has safely operated for more than 10 years, and successfully offered services for 1 million+ customers across more than 50 industries and 200+ large companies.

In 2016, Lenovo set up hyper-convergence alliance, and in September 2017, it officially published Fusion 2.0. Hyper-convergence takes advantages of distributed-memory and computing virtualization technology to integrate server clusters, offer computing network and storage to the outside.

Advantages: global leading R&D innovative ability, perfect customer support system


Private cloud deployment now has moved into the golden stage. It has been developed for more than 10 years in China, and become a significant method for enterprise IT capacity construction. 

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