Top 5 Link Building Tips in 2014

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LinksAs we know, links are important to websites. A links’ quality can make a direct influence on website ranking. When you begin any link building project with SEO, you must make sure that your links are building properly and have a positive impact on your websites. So, what is a quality link like? And how should you build your links for your websites? We will provide you with some tips:

The relevance of link

Relevance is not the only factor worth considering,but it is the first thing that you should examine when you start building links. You can analyze a link at both the page and domain level.

  • Page level----If there is nothing making the link related to the page, this link can be considered useless.
  • Domain level-----Domain to domain relevance is another element. Although it may be not as important as page level, domain level shouldn’t be ignored.

Link type

Link type is the second consideration. In this step, you should pay attention to the different link types and the manner in which it is linking. Let’s take a look at the different types first:

  • Author text link. This link refers to a visible, clickable text of the link. Author text links are the most common and best way to improve keyword ranking. Search engines especially for Google are always looking for this type of link. But never use too more, or you’ll be punished by search engine.
  • Bare URL. A bare URL is just like “”. It is a natural way for link building.
  • Citation link. Comparing with bare URL, citation link is like “”. This type of link is more suitable for there when your web address is the same as your brand name.
  • Image link. A image link means clicking the image take you to a new page. When you apply image links, make sure the alt attribute tag is used properly.
  • Short link. A short link is a condensed version comparing with bare URL. If the original URL is too long to effect the beauty of website, you can try short links. One thing you should examine is to see how they’re redirecting to determine whether they’re passing link equity.

Now let’s see the five major manners of links: direct , redirect, site-wide, javascript and nofollow. If you are a website builder, you’ve already known these different manners. Just make full use of them,when you need.

The authority of link

Authority links are also said as quality links. Pay more attention to the quality of links instead of the number, when you optimize your links. If you link to a authoritative website or get links from a authoritative website, your website will benefit more. Sometimes, you can use webmaster tools to help you find or examine authority links.

The location of link

Besides relevance, link type and authority, location is the next factor in link building. A right link location can also make influence on your websites. Here are four link locations which are ranked from best to worst: in content,boxed out of content,sidebar, footer. Although you can’t always control link placement, please try. However,the location of a link doesn’t matter with the link’s quality.

Global thinking

Link building can’t be determined by only one factor. So, you should think globally. Relevance, link type, authority and location are four major factors, but there are other things that you should still consider. For example, is this link out of date? How can you get links from other websites? Or how can you navigate your user properly by links you build? Just think whatever you can think, and build a good link system on your website.

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