Top 5 Plugins to Encourage User Generated Content on Your WordPress Site

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On the Internet, there are hundreds of agencies or companies that are providing the same products or services as yours. Then, what can make users choose you? People will not come to you without any reason or push. Thus, it is pivotal to make proper marketing to attract more users come to you, so that your compelling product or service can engage and retain these valuable users. In the following post, we will focus on online marketing and talk about how your users will help you build up a good, profound market image.

What’s Your Catch?

In fact, there are more than half of company executives have already understood the power of content marketing. However, there is a reality that they can’t go with it because of lack of time. What’s more, doing content marketing is a little expensive because it requires content strategists, editors and marketers all engaged full time for your online business. These are the tackles.

How to Deal With That Catch?

There is one highly effective method to make content marketing, which is to encourage your users to do that for you. It is very possible and doable! Actually, you may have done this for other websites. When you purchased something you like online, you are probable to take about it with others online at social media such as WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You have done it, so did others. 

You can make full use of this opportunity for your own site, and now there are about 22% of corporates in the world do this as well. Be the next! Therefore, your way out is to integrate user generated content into on your site into your own content marketing plan. 

What Can User Generated Content Bring?

There is a section of your user base can create visual and commentary content on your products or services and release it on the internet. Don’t ignore it or look down upon it, because it can be very powerful and even more powerful than your thought provoking posts. 

It is common to see that when a business owner say his products are good, users are probable to suspect his words; but when another user to make good comments on his goods, other users are most likely to believe it and take action. So, other users’ words can really enhance your brand reputation and increase trust with customers. 

How to Get Customers on Board with This Plan?

Now you know most customers will make their online testimony about how is your product when using, so you needn’t motivate them to do that. There is only one simple thing that is to make these customers submit their content or comments on your WordPress site. The step is very simple: You just need to add a front-end content submission function for your users, and the function has to intuitive as well as user-friendly. Then, everything will be easy. 

Besides, we have some tips which can help you get your users to submit their comments, happy selfie or commentary.

  • Publish ads saying you welcome users to submit their articles and posts on your site.
  • Display the beautiful images and videos that your users submitted to your site.
  • Encourage your users to make reviews on your site; because there is about 71% users are happy to purchase a service or product after checking those good reviews.
  • Add a new field on site related to classifieds or business directory, so that users can contribute to.
  • Integrate a message board or a forum and invite your customers to engage with your community.
  • Create a business wiki and engage your users with it.

So far, we have introduced the method, tips and benefits for your site. It’s time to get started to practice. For those WordPress websites, the best way of encouraging user generated content should be going with reliable plugins. In below, we will recommend 5 best WordPress plugins to help you make the plan realize. 

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

The first WordPress plugin is AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro which can help you offer users a similar user experience as WordPress Visual Editor provides. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro can offer redundant features as well as customization options. If you add it on your site, you can provide your users the best flexibility or the proper restriction with certain functions available only.

There are some highlights of the plugin, such as unlimited customizable sections, extremely flexible post submission types, responsive form designs, image & various media integration, function of setting post-form submission redirects, Tooltip user guides, a variety of Form Templates and character limits control. Besides, the plugin is also easy-to-use.


To encourage user generated content, you have to make everything intuitive as well as user friendly both. However, for this CRED we want to recommend secondly, it will be a little different, because for the users who use CRED at first time will feel a little confused. But we do hope you can have a test on it, for CRED indeed comes with many excellent features you could need. When you need the product listings, memberships, directories that user submit, CRED can help a lot!

Cred is specifically created for those gated content submissions, coming with useful features such as spam protection, input validation checker, payment integration, the ability of integrating member role or user assignments, and the ability of providing user profile to them to manage. In addition, CRED allows you to provide an expiration time to you content as well as a built-in system for your email notifications.


This WordPress plugin comes with redundant features and can offer a perfect way of dealing with front-end content submissions that many other plugins can’t. You can choose a pricing tier you can afford to get the necessary features. Don’t worry! All pricing tiers are reasonable!

As for features, the basic BuddyForms can offer you Post Type Customization, Advanced Form Elements, user role management, control over Front-end revision and more. Additionally, BuddyForms also comes with an option of eCommerce integration, offering admin email notifications. There is a straightforward Form Wizard tutorial available to help you use the plugins most effectively.


Communities can help you build up a community for your site. Once you add it on your site, your users can all become members of the community in which they can share thoughts, make comments on wiki or message boards. This is an easy-to-use plugin, allowing your users to offer content via the front-end interface directly.

For the mentionable features, Communities give you the option to create wikis, discussion boards, or communities. You can even allow users to create communities, edit and submit wikis after you activated the setting. Other more, Communities has many moderation tools for message boards as well as safe community management, which makes things simple for both you and your users. 

Frontend Publishing Pro

This WordPress plugin has a free version and a pro one. You can get most you want from the free model, and if you need more, you need to upgrade to Pro one. To showcase user generated content on site and observe the benefits for your business, this is the best one.

With free Frontend Publishing Pro, you can tune the content via the options of setting the content restrictions like tags, links, words, bios and so on. You are able to set up publication rules for specified users, to control and manage user generated content coming to your site.

For Pro one, you can receive responsive form designs, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, unlimited form creations, cross themes compatibilities, PayPal integration, post publication management, captcha security, Copyscape integration and more. Note: the pricing of the pro version is a little expensive, so you have to consider your budget and demands to get the best right one


This article includes the benefits to get user generated content on your site and how to make it with a right WordPress plugin. We hope you can get the one you want from our list and make perfect practice for your online presence. Of course, if you have any other good options, you can leave it in our comment section and that will be most welcome.

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2018-05-08 09:35
Just as what you have said, I have been ignoring the importance of user generated content. With the knowledge of the benefits from this article, I decide to take actions right now. Among the recommended plugin options, I am interested in CRED. I hope that this plugin can encourage more and more users to generate content on my WordPress website and make readers have more trust in my brand. 
2018-05-25 09:52
Users are welcome to leave comments on my WordPress site. This can keep my WordPress site much more active. I have to admit that my website will be exposed to spams which put threats to my website security. So I have been looking for a plugin which enables spam protection. According to your introduction, I focus my eyes on CRED. I will work with this plugin to encourage more user generated content. 
2018-06-05 15:29
Many setbacks are ahead of you to run a successful WordPress site, which bothers me a lot. Admittedly, I have quite limited time and energy to come out much useful content. Thus users are welcome to generate content on my WordPress website. Thanks for your recommendation to narrow my scope for the search of a proper plugin.