Top 5 Qualities A Good WordPress Developer Has

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Among a number of programmers, how can you pick out the best WordPress developer? As for dedicated WordPress developers, they can push the boundaries, going beyond those basics and bring innovations in their projects. Well, for the professional WordPress developers, they always focus on the newest trends as well as the latest technologies of WordPress, so as to remain ahead of other peers. Now, based on years of WordPress related services and products reviewing, we conclude 5 top qualities that a good WordPress developer should have!

Technical Skillset

Having good knowledge of diverse technologies and being capable of creating masterpieces are the fundamental of good WordPress developers. They should completely know codebase on Xref and Trac, PHP and MySQL well, and can establish the local development environment as well as run the nightly build. As a must, they have to master several WordPress related technologies, such as plugins, cores and different themes, to create a WordPress website well. If they have goof technical skillset, they can go ahead of their competitors. 

Learner’s Mindset

Good WordPress developers need to understand that the WordPress versions are always keeping forward and so does the environment. It means that to be a good WordPress developer, they need to follow closely after the latest security trends, designs, and technologies to create websites that are both stable as well as modern! The website portal and the look is also the image of the developer, so if they show viewers a bugged portal or an outdated look, their brand image must be tarnished! Also, a stagnant WordPress developer is very possible to lead business profits to decline. 

Attention & Self-Motivation

To continuously develop abilities and have an almost full understanding about WordPress platform’s all aspects is what WordPress professionals should do, because WordPress can provide a blanket of options including themes, e-commerce, front-end designs, and plugins. Therefore, to be a good developer, they also need to have specialized knowledge and hands-on to distinguish the best from all. Those self-motivated developers will make sure their work is brilliant among the crowd! 

Solid Planning Skills

The ability of sorting out a mess and making something different from nothing is an important feature an excellent developer will have. However, if they do not have planning, their ideas are hard to come true. This is most about the efficiency issue. A developer lacking of planning could cause project delivery delay. A good developer will never waste their time or energy. Before performing their idea, they should have made a proper schedule and set up the goals (including big and small). Following their schedule, they will go through tasks and adhere to their timeline. 

Testing & Receiving Feedback

Making thoroughly tests on the things they have dispatched is very important to each developer. Of course, for good developers, it is a must. Tests can make sure their codes in different operating systems and browsers can work. Themes and plugins are also the things they have to test on different browsers, which is to get rid of the last minute hassle. Besides, when taking tests, to receive feedback is a must, too! It is a good method for them to learn whether their work has made sense and reacted positively. 

Because WordPress platform keeps update and offers users many new options, users should try something new and try to improve the current functionalities. If users are planning to have a developer to take over their projects, these skills or qualities should be taken into consideration. 

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