Top 5 SEO Strategies in 2014

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SEO strategies may change depending on different industries, company capabilities and business models. Although there isn't a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy for all websites, some core optimization has not changed. Combined with the development trend of the internet, there are some things that you should keep in mind for your SEO:

Mobile SEO Strategies

Since there are more and more people tending to get online services through smartphones or tablets, mobile SEO is more important than the past. According to BI intelligence,the percentage of online services through mobile clients is nearly 60%.

Mobile usage will continue to rise in the future. Data shows that mobile device usage was the only media device type that showed year-over-year increases in consumer usage. If you have not optimized your mobile site or even planed for mobile strategies,please start now!

Make full use of Social Media

According to the US census bureau,the world population will increase to be over 7 billion by 2017.  eMaketer predicts that internet users that use social networks will reach 2.55 billion people. This year, there are 1 in 4 people using a social media network. Also,nearly 88% of marketers will use social media marketing.

You just can’t imagine how important social media is. It is a effective way for you to brand, communicate directly with your customers,get fans,research,development,sales,etc. Companies can benefit a lot from social media in every respect.

Combine paid search with SEO

Most companies are always looking for a way to do less and profit more. SEO proves to be a perfect way that does have the power to bring massive efficiencies to your overall marketing program,especially in paid market activities. What you need to do is make people scale,and begin to combine your paid search data with your SEO data.

Personalization & Audience Segmentation

All you have done is to cater to your audience,and understanding audience is another way which help you do a better job in SEO. Try to analyze your audience demand, and divide them into groups. By taking this step, you can identify what types of products or website content appeals most toward specific audience members. Thus, more attractive your products or websites will be.

Extending SEO

Since SEO is becoming more and more important for your websites or products, additional considerations to help scale your SEO efforts include investment in SEO tools and technology while finalizing your SEO budget. It is not a waste of time because scaling SEO can help you get additional intangible benefits including products support,sales support,market support,etc.

There may be other considerations for SEO,but these five statements should be the top priorities for your way of SEO. Just remember these five points and make full use of them. We hope these can help you in time to come.

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