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The new website owners have a lot to do before they can actually launch their website and one of the most important things is to have a website design ready. Since the time is always limited what could be better than getting a website template ready so that you do not have to start from the scratch. This will save you a lot of time and efforts and both these things need to be conserved along with your money. For this reason here is a list of the best web design templates free download available online.

Snow landing page: 

This sleek looking page is definitely a great one for the people who want to add that extra edge to their website. The background that is fixed is a great way to keep the focus on your modern app and products. This free landing page theme is compatible with PC, tablets and Mobile as well as with other coded and responsive queries related to media.


This is a free theme for any site that is based on sports. You can display your passion and dedication for sports through this HTML5 theme without having to say a lot. The page shows various important aspects of your website right on the first page telling a lot to the viewer and still leaving them wanting more so that they cannot but explore your website fully.

Corporate template: 

This responsive template is the best to represent a corporate world. This template is neat and has the competitive edge. The template shows the world beyond a glass window that gives the outlook for the advertising agency that can convey its attitude well through this template. 


This is a free responsive HTML template that is designed for the websites that are based on photography. This landing page is a great one as it provides all the important information to the user. The page is not very flashy and speaks for the website. It is mobile friendly and helps the user get to the app in no time.


This is a template that is mainly for the designers. This template is extremely creative and has many different sections to display your creativity. This will give your potential client an overview of your work and help them make an informed decision for themselves and increase your business and its reach.


This is a great web template for the magazines. This responsive template is available free of cost and lets the magazine display a part of its crucial pages on the landing page. This helps create inquisitiveness among the users and they are tempted to prod the website further. 

Coming soon: 

When you are on the verge of launching your website you can use this web template to create that much needed hype among the people. This template has a frosty look that gives the impression of looking into the unknown and still hoping for a great result as you would offer to your clients.

La Casa: 

If you want a website that represents your real estate business then this is the template you have been looking for. This template is HTML 5 and CSS3 responsive template that will act as the home page. This page is very inviting and displays your intentions of providing a dream home to your clients efficiently.


This is a template that can be used as the landing page for a restaurant. This page and its look both are very impressive and inviting. The ambiance shown in this HTML5 and CSS3 responsive page is warm and welcoming for all those who will visit your website. You can display your menu card on this page and help your clients decide in an instance.


This template has a responsive design and is free for the user. Not only this, you also get free updates forever. This web template is fully customizable and can be used for many kinds of websites and themes. The high customizability of this web template is the main USP.


This is a great web template designed for the doctors and clinics. This bootstrap template has been designed to make the work in a clinic or doctor’s office easier. The visiting users can fix an appointment on this page. Also in an environment where more than one doctors are working under one roof the patients can choose their own doctors.


This is very smart looking HTML5 template that is one page theme and is a great option for the on page portfolios. The two tones of the template make give it a class and a clean look altogether. The great flexibility and customizable design makes it one of the best picks. The HTML5/CSS3 animations along with price tables and flexi slider and many other features make it ideal kind of template.

Three sixty: 

This bootstrap theme is a great choice for the websites that aim to be seen on all types of devices as this is designed to be used on PC, Tablet as well as mobiles. This is a clean responsive theme and easy to customize in all the ways you want. It has HTML5/CSS3 animations and many other features that would contribute towards a better working of your website.

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