Top Hosting Industry News 10th March, 2017

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WikiLeaks has affirmed to help tech companies fix the security flows. After revealing the fact that CIA develops specific tools to hack iOS, Windows, Android, OSX, and Linux computers, WikiLeaks announces to offer the technical details of those security flows in tech companies’ products. Google and Apple have quickly responded to the leaks uncovered. Some of the listed vulnerabilities have already been fixed, and now they are working rapidly to fix the others. 

Tsinghua UniGroup will partner Dialog Semiconductor to develop smartphone chip. It will be conducive to expand the continuous development of semiconductor business. Now two subsidiaries of Tsinghua UniGroup, Spreadtrum and RDA as well as Dialog are considering building up joint venture in the east of China: Spreadtrum and RAD focus on chip design while Dialog is the chip supplier of Apple iPhone and iPad. 

Facebook opened source new generation AI training server. The new AI training server design “Big Basin” is the successor of the AI training system Big Sur series, and it is nearly twice as fast as the former generation. “Big Basin” uses Nvidia GPU as the processor core to connect servers, forming a large AI training network, so that it can perform face and object recognition as well as real-time text translation, and understand and describe the images and video content. 

App Store new restrictions for developers come! According to the new updates of iTunes Connect interface function, there are new restrictions made for developers. Now developers cannot alter the app’s informative abstract, update the upgrade instructions, or add any other literal data. Developers cannot alter the app’s informative abstract, until they make out the new version. The new version of the app and its new abstract must be submitted to Apple Store for audit. 

Google purchased Kaggle to enhance its machine learning and AI business. Kaggle is a data science community, which mainly offers the platform for developers and data scientists to hold machine learning contest, host databases, and write and share codes. It is the 800,000 data scientist attracted by Kaggle that makes Google to buy it!


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