Top Hosting Industry News 11th April, 2017

CIA hacking tool issue has been revealed for a month, but the influence on the industry is still here. Just yesterday the security researcher of Symantec Corp said that the top-secret hacking tools exposed by WikiLeaks should be responsible for the past cyber-attacks on score of dozens of organizations. It means these attacks could be conducted by CIA. According to Symantec, there were 16 countries and more than 40 times of cyber-attacks related to CIA hacking tools.

Microsoft purchases Deis who is a noted container technology company using open source solutions. Microsoft understands that to realize the seamless scalability is significant part of cloud computing, and it is the core reason that Microsoft strives to develop Azure platform which brings abundant revenue for Microsoft as well. Now, the acquisition of Deis is to further expand cloud business. By far, Microsoft and Deis do not reveal the acquisition pricing. 

Facebook creates a new milestone in assisting businesses reach more customers. According to Facebook’s latest ad data, there are more than 5 million active advertisers in all, and 1 million increase in the past 7 months. Specifically, 75% advertisers are outside the US, and the biggest vertical industries are ecommerce, retail, and entertainment as well as media. 

BARBRI partners with the international cyber security and intelligence leader Cybint. With the partnership, the new organization Cybint, BARBRI Cyber Solutions will provide financial and legal professionals and firms with cyber intelligence and security training solutions and systems. This cooperation is conducive to cultivate people and firms’ cyber security and intelligence knowledge and skills for financial and legal sectors. 

AWS allows users to migrate MongoDB to DnamoDB. It is to enhance AWS’ Database Migration Server (DMS). By far, AWS’ DMS can support NoSQL database migration in general, and it means it is possible the more NoSQL DB could obtain official DMS support in the future.

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