Top Hosting Industry News 14th April, 2017

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Baidu announced its bid to take full control of xPerception, a U.S. startup focused on computer vision. The Chinese tech giant declined to disclose the amount of money for the purchase but it confirmed the intention of further strengthening visual perception capabilities with acquisition of xPerception. As the AI talent becoming scarce resources on a global scale for all companies, Baidu acquiring xPerception will refill relative talents and help promote its AR, VR, robot, intelligent guiding and other businesses. 

Microsoft released the latest biannual transparency reports on Thursday, according to which, the software giant received 25,837 legal requests for customer information from law enforcement agencies during the latter half of 2016 and 71 percent of the demands came from U.S., France, United Kingdom, and Germany. The company also confirmed in the reports that it received a national security letter from the FBI, demanding it to offer personal information on a customer, along with the subpoena is a gag order to prohibit from any contents to be disclosed by the company or anyone else. Though the secrecy order is vital in certain situation, Microsoft believes that it has been abused most of time.  

Facebook Messenger hits 1.2 billion monthly active users. The surprised news comes less than one week before the F8 2017—the year’s session featuring a wide range of topics across the Facebook family of apps and services that are relevant to developers and businesses. In July 2016, Facebook Messenger marked a major milestone of 1 billion monthly active users. After 9 months of development, the figure has increased to 1.2 billion, meaning that the growth rate is as high as 20 percent. In addition, Messenger users account for 64 percent of Facebook’s 1.68 billion users, increasing by 4 percent from last year. 

Melbourne IT, the Australian domain name registrar and web host, said that the DNS outage happened on Thursday was a result of DDoS attack. The attack caused 1.5 hours service disruption for its web hosting and email platforms; during the period, customers were inaccessible to its customer administration portal. Besides Melbourne IT, both its subsidiaries—TPP Wholesale and Netregistry—also suffered the DNS outage.   

The cloud computing company 2nd Watch launched a report on Thursday, showing that firms are about to increase investment in cloud-native services in 2017. According the report, there are 71 percent of businesses having made use of public cloud for various uses and to adopt different cloud service deployment. 2nd Watch summarized the main reasons driving companies to increase spending on cloud-native services, including expectation of increasing revenue, benefit of decreasing costs, improved customer experience, and etc. 

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