Top Hosting Industry News 14th March, 2017

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Intel announced to acquire Mobileye for $15.3 billion shacking up the driverless car sector. The two tech companies finally come to an agreement that says a subsidiary of Intel Corp will purchase Mobileye all issued-and-outstanding stocks at $63.54 per share. This acquisition will accelerate the innovation in car industry, while it will strengthen Intel’s leading technology provider position in self-driving car sector. 

Alibaba Group launces NASA project focusing on core technologies. The company plans to build up independent R&D teams in the next two decades, to research core technologies like machine learning, IoT, chips, and more. At Alibaba first Technology Conference, Alibaba Ma said in the next 20 years, Alibaba expects to construct the world’s fifth-largest economy, serve 2 billion consumers around the world, create 100 million job opportunities, and help 10 million enterprises gain.

Google ATAP partners Levi’s to create an interactive denim jacket. They weave smart fiber into the jacket sleeve. So, via simple gestures, the jackets will allow wearers to activate the connected features. For instance, wearers can start or stop the music through a double taps with 2 fingers only. This is a new step in advanced technology, making life smarter. 

Yahoo appoints new CEO and CFO, while Mayer will leave with $23 million severance package. After closing the deal with Verizon, Yahoo changed name as Altaba. The latest information said that Altaba appoints new CEO and CFO, because Mayer has to take the responsibility of the two large scale user information leaks. New CEO is Thomas MacInerney who proposed Global Controller Alexi Wellman to take over CFO. 

Facebook and Instagram announced to forbid developers from using user data for surveillance. It is declared in Facebook’s official post, telling that the new policy clearly regulates that developers cannot use any user data grabbed from Facebook and Instagram, as the surveillance tool. The new policy is good at protecting user privacy and data security.

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