Top Hosting Industry News 15th May, 2017

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Microsoft responds to the large scale of ransomware attack, “WannaCry” which has hit about 150 countries around the world since Friday. By far, Microsoft has officially posted a blog to direct users how to defend their computer security. Besides, the company also offers emergency updates for the early-stage Windows users, such as Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 8. Additionally, Microsoft President, Brad Smith pointed out that it is the U.S. government’s fault, because NSA has already detected this Windows bug “WannaCry” utilizing, but still kept it secret as a weapon for information war. Meanwhile, he warns that government hiding web bugs as weapons is a real bug for the Internet society. 

Alibaba Cloud plans to increase an additional data center in Malaysia, which is for Apsara deployment. Early in March 2017, Alibaba Group has built up the first oversea eWTP trial area in Malaysia. Meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud would provide the local with AI technologies and cloud computing big data services, so as to help develop the native technical talents. It is reported that Alibaba Cloud now has constructed data centers in 14 districts around the world including Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, the U.S, and etc. All these data centers are for build the platform for Apsara.

Apple spent around $200 million on Lattice Deta acquirement for arranging big data. This action is a stronger push into the machine learning as well as artificial intelligence area. Lattice Data is a company applying an AI-enabled inference engine to take “dark” data as well as turn it into structured information. The way that how Apple to utilize these data processing technologies is still uncertain, but we can infer that Apple’s Siri may need them. 

Western Digital takes legal action to block the deal of Toshiba’s chip unit. Western Digital is the joint venture partner for Toshiba’s chip business, which also operate the Toshiba’s largest semi-conductor factory in Japan. Actually, Western Digital is competing to buy the chip unit, but it is behind other competitors. According to insiders, Foxconn and Broadcom are both the front-runners in the competition. Now, in the international arbitration, Western Digital requires Toshiba to stop dividing their joint venture into an independent Toshiba Chip, and Toshiba has no right to sell the chip unit without Western Digital Sandisk’s approval. 

Microsoft announced the Project Rome SDK for iOS, which supports cross-platform application control toolkit, namely supporting iOS users to Windows host experiences. In March, the project can support Android, and now begins to support iOS features. By far, It is still in the early stage of development; but in the future improvements, the project could deliver seamless experiences between all kinds of devices.

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