Top Hosting Industry News 16th March, 2017

AT&T declared that EU has approved the acquisition of Time Warner. The purchase was actually announced last year, and now AT&T officially gets the final approval from EU, allowing it to purchase Time Warner for $85.4 billion. This is the biggest acquisition case in US in 2016. Now, AT&T is waiting for the approval of American Justice Department. As it is estimated, this deal can be closed by the end of 2017.

Microsoft offers Azure Blob Storage and Managed Disks support for Cloud Foundry. Now, with the latest update, Azure Blob Storage, a part of Microsoft Azure Stack, operators can address organizational security as well as compliance requirements; the availability of Managed Disks will simplify the disk management for Azure IaaS VMs in Microsoft Azure Pivotal Cloud Foundry. 

Google now is working on providing more choices for customers to secure their information. This will be a new stage for Google’s customers because it has been encrypting their data at the storage level for a few years. The new encryption key partners of Google can give multiple level encryption offerings for Google Cloud customers. It means the better flexibility and security will come to its customers as well. 

Hundreds of Twitter accounts have been hacked with Nazi hashtags and swastikas. Even the accounts of Forbes and famous American singers were included. These accounts posted tweets in Turkish with Nazi hashtags and swastikas. Some hacked accounts’ profile photos even were changed. This event should result from the political tensions mount in Europe. It also alarms the industry that the network security is really becoming more and more serious and both the companies and users should take it seriously. 

Kingdee unveils the annual results, which shows the increase of Kingdee Cloud jumps 103%. The report also indicates that the whole revenue of 2016 increased greatest in the last five years, while the increase rate of Kingdee Cloud is large. Besides, the software group also targets 2018 breakeven for Kingdee Cloud service business.

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